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JULY 2011

Search for topic-specific Websites 

By: Ask Bob, July 14, 2011
Guess what our Web Spiddies have snared while on their daily sojourn across the Internet? All of you who use the Internet are familiar with the concept of Web Directories. Well, there is a Startup called eLogr, where you can find any website related to any topic, using a simple Search. eLogr claims to have details of millions of websites stored across categories. 
eLOGR is a Web 2.0 directory where you can find Websites by keying in a topic of choice. These guys claim to have millions of Websites stored in their data banks, all of 'em manually fed into their computers. In addition to the URLs, eLOGR also throws up details of the Website.

eLOGR is a free service. There is a Search Box where you can enter your Search term. We tried to search for Websites related to the word, "Internet" & it threw up a pageful of such sites. Each of the Websites also had its full summary , including their traffic statistics, Indexed pages, WhoIS information, among other such nuggets.
There was no place of submission of Websites so we gathered that the only way Website owners could get their sites listed was to use the 'Contact Us' section on eLOGR.
eLOGR is based in Washington, USA.



Name: eLOGR
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