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This Meta Search Engine says its faster & better


By: Ask Bob, Jan 24, 2011

Meta Search Engine Spruse has been started by a college student, Amar Chugg. Apparently, Amar, as a teenager, was quite taken up by Search Engines. His enthusiasm set him thinking - why not start one of my own? Thus,Spruse was born.
Spruse gives its users several options to look for whatever it is they wanna search for. A user can check in the entire Web World, of course. He/she can then narrow it down to a 'Video' Search or a 'News' Search or even search in the world of Blogs. 
The other speciality of this Search Engine, as Amar points out, is that users can even narrow their Search by specifically looking only in some of the top websites like Tumblr, Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Flickr & so on. In fact, as the Spruse management states, a user can look through 100s of such top sites. 
Spruse is free to use but we are not too sure about its exact geographical location since the site does not mention it.


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