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By: Bob Y, Dec 27, 2011

Most emails do allow some form of internal customization but if you wanna put your own touch to the emails you send out, then, there's a Startup now called BrandMyMail. This is a Free service that allows you to add pizzaz to your email by allowing you to customize it by adding all your plugins, inserting your logo or signature, or even your own photos.

The thing about BrandMyMail is that it is simple to set up & simple to use, just the way we like it here at Whats New On The Net.  
You can register through Gmail & that according to us is a slight drawback. But the guys at this Startup promise that other types of email providers will be included soon. BrandMyMail has several templates to choose from, along with facilities to include your photographs, e-signatures, logos & so on. Once you have decided & set your Page design, you can preview it & if you like what you see, save the settings. 
It then asks you to log in through your Gmail & seeks rights to access your Gmail for certain parameters. Once that is done, it installs 'Preview email' & 'Send email' tabs in your Gmail. Which means, once you have decided & Saved your email design, all that happens every time you send an email from that Gmail account, the email is customized ( as you have chosen); you do not have to do it every time. 
So is it safe to hand over the keys to your Gmail account? The Site's management assures that your emails pass through their servers for the briefest of seconds & in any case, they do not read any emails. They assure that they respect yor privacy to the utmost. 
Now, all of you interested in using BrandMyMail must also remember, it is only for the Firefox & Chrome Internet Browsers. If you use an iPad or iPhone or iPod Touch, you can add BrandMyMail as an additional email account. 
BrandMyMail is a product by Inovisoft LLC, a Delaware-based company & operates out of Portugal. 



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