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This new Startup makes videos out of Websites

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By: Ask Bob Y., Nov 17, 2012
Get this. If you have a Website of your own but wanna spread your message maybe even more effectively, then, there's a new Internet Startup called Wibbitz that claims to work wonders. This new Internet Business is positioned as a text to video platform, which means within minutes, it makes a video clip of your Website. You can then use the video as you may deem fit.
New Internet Startups are born every other day. There's now one from Israel, the land where Web Startups are now a dime a dozen. Called Wibbitz, this one is a text-to-video platform that, within seconds, makes a video out of your Website.
All that you have to do is paste the URL or RSS feed into a box & the video is out soon enough.
Check this one we made for What's New On The Net:
The video is accompanied by a mix of audio, music, video& images. We don't know why but when we tried out this new Internet Startup, it refused to acknowledge any Website URL but worked fine with the feed URL.
You are even customize the final video given in reference to the size of the video, the voice over or the background music. Once the video is according to your liking you can embed it wherever you want - on your Website, on Social Network  Facebook, wherever. The service is Free to use.
(Image courtesy: Wibbitz)