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                                                               JUNE 2010
Add color to your bookmarks
By: Ask Bob                                                                                                                             June 13, 2010 
Hey guys, wanna know what's new on the Internet? Well, this new website has quite a simple use, and as most of our readers know by now, simplicity is some thing that grabs our webspiders. PageAlbum allows you to take all your fav URLs, bookmarks, et all, and arrange them in a nice, easy-on-the-eye mosiac.
PageAlbum was started mid-2009. Basically, the guys here allow a user to organize your textlinks, bookmarks into an online mosaic of webpages. So, instead of the boring, scrolldown bookmarks of all your favorite sites, you can arrange the home page of each of these sites into a mosaic tile, in a creative manner. You can then make this your browser’s start page or your index page. A user can arrange the mosaic the way he wants or the website offers him a variety of themes to choose from. This is an application that actually makes arranging your bookmarks, a fun experience. You can access your mosaic page from any where in the world. The service is free but you need to register first. The details of the owners is sketchy so we cannot really provide inputs on that parameter.
Clap for this new website
By: Ask Bob                                                                                                                             June 11, 2010 
A new website is always fun to check out. Especially if the new website offers free stuff.The guys at App.Laud.It have hit upon a simple formula - whenever a new Web application or tool is launched any where in the Internet world, they list it almost simultaneously on this new website. But it is not only a Listings site. They also review each of these applications to let surfers know of their use and desirability.
Launched in May 2010, App.Laud.It, besides having a very Web 2.0 URL, is positioned as a peppy new website. The Home Page is the key to navigate this website. A cloud of tags on one part of the page offers you a choice – click on any one tag and you can found out the latest applications connected with it. There are applications for Facebook, Twitter, design templates for your website, Voice and SMS applications, and so on. You may also submit you own web application or tool, if you may so want, after filling in a simple form. Well, the identity of the designers of this new website is not given, so sorry folks, we can’t tell you either.
Our View
Name: App. Laud.It                                                                                                                11/06/2010
Design - 3/5       Utility - 4/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 3/5  Content - 3/5                Score - 16/25
Money, money, money...here's how you could get sum
By: Ask Bob                                                                                                                             June 5, 2010 
This 'un is for those souls out there wanting to raise money online. Our webspiders came across this newly-launched website GoFundMe that really has a very simple basis of existence. You want money (some one else's) for any reason or purpose in life, ask people to contribute. Then, your reason could be any of these (or all of these) - business, marriage, medical emergencies, even a unique honeymoon. 
The way to go about raising money using GoFundMe is simple. You create a project on this website, you share it among your friends, relatives and whomayhaveyou, and then keep your fingers crossed, hoping that they will contribute. You, the user, will have to open a PayPal Premier Account but the contributor does not really need to have a similar account. The website has already listed several sections under which you could raise funds - Sports community, Online Baby Shower, Wedding Gift Money, and so on. GoFundMe was launched by the folks at White-Label Crowdfunding – makers of innovative fundraising solutions for the web. The team is lead by company co-founders Brad Damphousse and Andrew Ballester, though the exact date of the launch is unclear, though evident that it is recent.
The service, though, is not free. The website offers you a free, 3-dat trial after which they will start billing you for your "ask-for-charity" page.
Hmmm, well, did not some one say that charity begins at home?
Our View
Name: GoFundMe                 
Design - 2/5       Utility - 3/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 3/5                                        Score - 11/20
What the F$#@!
By: Ask Bob                                                                                                                                   June 3, 2010 
Guys, this 'un stopped our webspiders right dead in their tracks. And, before you start wondering at the profanity in our headline (blimped out), let us explain. The guys behind this website must be commended for using a bad thing to do a good turn. SwearJarr revolves around swear words. No, it is not a Listings site for "bad" words (not meant to be uttered in front of growing children). SwearJarr is more about swearing....ok,ok, we stop the suspense here and get on with our job of explaining. The makers of this website decided that every time any body swears online, he/she owes money to a Swear Jar. At the end of the day, all that money is given away to charity or for a noble cause. And, the online swearing is no ordinary swearing but all the swearing that normally occurs on Twitter.
We are kinda familiar with the concept of a Swear Jarin the ‘Real World’. Remember, Mom’s jar in the middle of the kitchen table? And, how many times were you forced to put money in it because you had used a cuss word? Well, this is the online version. This website’s designers have done this as a fun exercise but the possibilities seem enormous, they say.
So, how does it work? The concept, as we explained before, is simple – you use a swear word in your Twitter dispatch, well, you are jacked. You will have to pay up. The month’s collection is then sent to 2 charitable outfits designated by the website. Also, at the start of every month, 2 new charity organizations will be added. There is a slight difference between Mom and this website. There was no way around Mom but in the online version, donations to the jar are voluntary.
The site went 'Live' on June 1, 2010. They have already recorded over a lakh of swear words. For those who want to know more, there is always the swearjarr blog to log on to.
And guess, how many swear words on an average are recorded on Twitter dispatches every day? 400,000! So, keep swearing you guys out there on Twitter, it’s for a good cause.
Go ahead, take a shot. Design the front page.                             
By: Ask Bob                                                                                                                             June 2, 2010 
So, you think you can design a real cracker of a webpage? Then this one is for you. Actually, it reminds us of a trend from the 'Real World'. Invite a Guest Editor (obviously a well-known personality or public figure) for the day and ask him to edit your publication for that day. This seems to be the basic philosophy of this website DayGrab.com These guys offer you their Front Page for a day. You can let your webdesigning skills (or lack of it) run wild.
The idea behind DesignGrab is to allow any body and every body to take a shot at designing a webpage. You could use plain text, designs or even videos, the choice is yours. For a whole day, your webpage will be visible before some one else's replaces it. The idea of this website is by Slothtoss (a Computer Engineering undergrad based in Tennesse, USA. Slothtoss.com is all about this person’s random projects, one of which is DesignGrab.
In order for you to design the webpage for a single day, you need to book in advance. Of course, not submitting the design within the stipulated time frame means automatic cancellation. You need to register first before staking your claim.