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March, April, May 2010
Help a start-up
By: Ask Bob                                                                                                                        May 11, 2010
A classified advertisement website only for startups? Well, that's how Help a Startup Out (HASO) has positioned itself. It is like this -log on to this website if you have just started some online activity, post a classified ad spelling out your needsand then await a response. Fellow startups are expected to see your ad and respond. Simple. On HASO, one can post any thing and every thing that can help a startup grow faster. There are about half a dozen classifieds sections here. We must say some of these are highly unusual and even amusing at times. Like the one which read, "Co-founder Wanted", or "Inspiration". 
Chris McCann and Brendan McManus co-founders of HASO say the idea was born in 2010 out of a simple mailing list experiment (of startup events) with 38 issues worldwide. Because they were e-mail based, they say, they were constantly bombarded with requests about feedback, finding employees, what service providers to use, and so on. That gave them the idea for the first issue of HASO to help the worldwide startup community to help each other out.
HASO has other built-in services. Twice a month, it selects 10 most interesting listings and emails them to the entire start-up community of 40,000 members. And like its owners say, " You no longer have to blast out emails or beg on Twitter for feedback any more."
Name: HASO      
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Who does not love freebies?



By: Ask Bob                                                                                                                  April 25, 2010

Hey, how many of you surfers know that there are places on the Internet where you can get stuff, and we mean all kinds of stuff, free? You betcha! If you knew about it, this one is not for you 

It's amazing how our mouths start to water at the word, 'Free'. All of us are suckers for this 'un. So, I decided to check out what the Internet has to offer Net Surfers without they having to pay a single penny in return? And came across Buzzsponge. To be fair, there are scores of websites giving away everything and anything free. Well, most of the times, they are not really free. Yes, you may not have to buy the goods but the free gifts come in exchange of some service that you may be asked to provide. Nope, not the type of service your evil mind is thinking of all the time; I am talking legit here.....

The way a majority of these sites work is like this - You first need to enroll as a member. Then, you have to start earning points. You, then, "encash" these points for free gifts. Obviously, the more points you have, the larger your "purchasing" power. To get these points, you will either be asked to enroll yourself for some online surveys, or be asked to take part in answering some spending-pattern questions, or to take part in an opinion poll.....so on.

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