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A portal that offers all kinds of applications
By: Ask Bob, Oct 30, 2010
What's new on the Internet? Our webspiders stumbled upon this Tweet translation service offered by Wakooz. They soon realized that the portal was much more than that and asked us to feature Wakooz.
Wakooz is described by its designers as a "customizable portal" that provides users with a variety of applications. Most of 'em are spread over 2 different web pages. Users can customize their Home Page and decide which applications they want on it. They can start from a blank page or use the in-built templates. The main page contains an RSS feed reader, and allows every user to customize it to news they like. So, he/she can subscribe to a summary of the most recent news from the media websites and blogs. Moreover, Wakooz gives you the opportunity to integrate various other gadgets like video podcast (YouTube) weather channels, games, among others. All these are offered via web widgets. Then of course is the translation service for Tweets.
The second page provides you with a quick access to your personal favorites websites and web utilities. You can have access to this page through the “Star” icon located just besides the Wakooz logo. The 2nd Page offers users an extensive database of links to websites, which a user can use.
It is not clear who the designers of Wakooz are, but access to the portal is free. You need to register, though, and login every time. 



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Design - 2/5       Utility - 3/5     Nav - 2/5     Download - 3/5       Score - 10/20

Rate a Startup
By: Ask Bob, Oct 23, 2010
What's new on the Net guys? Our webspiders discovered this Startup that allows you to rate other Startups. Called Net Rated, its layout is quite interesting and amusing; evidently the guys behind this website have a whacky sense of humor.  
Net Rated is a simple Startup with a simple idea. It allows a user ( no need for a login) to vote or rate any of the Startups listed. There are 2 tabs – Awesome & Sucks. You can press either depending on your vote. Each of the listed websites show up as a screenshot. For website owners, they can submit their site to be listed. A link is then sent to their e-mail ID, which is to be clicked on. Once that is done, the editors at Net Rated manually review whether the submitted website is worth listing. Once up, users can rate your website. Overall, the designers of Net Rated have shown a dash of humor in the entire affair. For eg: When you click on either the Awesome or Sucks button, you get brief messages like: Way to click that button. Not too hard, not too soft. Just the way I like it. Every a vote for or against is added, the percentage of Like or Not Like changes. Users can even post a review for any of the listed websites.
The ownership of the website is not clear but Net Rated was launched just a few months ago, and is managed from Arizona in the United States.