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JUNE 2011

This Startup is full of Views on Gaming, Tech & Entertainment

By: Ask Bob, June 25, 2011
FleshEatingZipper claims to be a site for "biting commentary & reviews (Perhaps that is where it derives its name from). Anything to do with Games, Entertainment or Tech, finds a mention here.
Launched in January 2011, FleshEatingZipper professes to "give it as it is" without mincing words. The Website is laid out in a blog style & is free to access. It has separate sections for each category & podcasts. The Gaming Section has stories on Console Games like Shadowrun, DungeonKeeper, & so on. The Tech part has stuff like, "Should I Change my Password", & the recent entry of Turntable.fm
The Startup is based in Colorado Springs, USA.

Download free software for your PC

By: Ask Bob, June 26, 2011



It's the Free season, atleast on this website. We have come across a Startup called Ninite that alllows you to install or update most of the "popular" versions of software like Browsers, Readers & Media Players on your PC, free of cost. This is all the more helpful when you have just bought a new machine, Ninite allows you to download all such programs you would need to run your PC in one shot via an automated installer.
There is no rocket science to understanding Ninite. Go to it's Website, check out the free downloads listed there under each category (Browser, Reader & so on), download the custom installer available at the end of the Home Page, & install it. Whatever you chose will then be installed with minimum fuss.
Ninite is especially handy when you have bought a new PC & need to once again install all the obligatory software & Apps. Ninite streamlines the process; all you need is to tick mark the Browser, Developers Tools, Media Player you wanna install and press Go. Better still, Ninite eliminates the extra toolbars, add-ons that sometimes come packaged with common applications.
Based in the US, Ninite was founded about a couple of years ago by Patrick Swieskowski & Sascha Kuzins & its investors include Y Combinator & a clutch of other angels. 

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Name: Ninite
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