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JULY 2010
Converge of creativity
By: Ask Bob                                                                                                             July 21,2010
So readers, wanna know what's new on the Net today? Our webmasters often bitch about the problems they face while keeping this website running. They say it is the same with all startups, and many a good idea has found an early grave because of the lack of resources, or frankly, the lack of knowledge of where resources are available on the Internet. So we gave instructions to our webspiders to find out platforms that offer one or several kinds of services to website owners. They came up with JadeMagnet, an all-in-one online platform where you can have access to everyone and anyone involved with Creative services - webdesigners, artists, marketing service providers; the whole bunch of 'em.
Carrying a ‘Made-in-India’ tag, Bangalore specifically, JadeMagnethas 2 sections – service Providers and Clients. While those like graphic designers, animation artists, and so on come under the Providers category, those wanting the services are Clients. Registration for both categories are free. While Providers can ‘walk around’ the site, seeing what assignments are up for grabs, Clients can ‘shop’ and see the list of Service Providers hawking their wares, so to speak. Clients have to pay up before posting an Assignment and the money is held in an Escrow Account. Clients can even buy ready-made designs off the rack if they like something, obviously the fee going to the Provider, and a percentage to JadeMagnet. Providers, on the other hand, can directly post their designs in the Gallery section and wait for Clients. They get paid as and when some Client buys a design. For Providers, there are 2 categories – Projects and Contests. All Providers can participate in ongoing contests at any given time, but to participate, they need to apply for a certification to JadeMagnet. As of now, JadeMagnet has about 1100 providers and about 40 Clients. So here, there is a platform that helps business owners, online and offline (who wanna go online) find service providers specifically for creative services including Marketing and Advertising.
Our View
Name: JadeMagnet                                                                                                          21/07/2010
Design - 3/5       Utility - 4/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 3/5                                  Score - 13/20
Send gifts to e-mail IDs 
By: Ask Bob                                                                                                                                July 11,2010
We have always been strong (& perhaps the only) advocates of the importance of the Internet. Thus this website. Some day, we know the two worlds - Real and Cyber - will seamlessly merge. That's the reason why we have decided to feature this new Web 2.0-based site even though it caters to a 'Real World' service. Simply because it has taken the help of social networking to provide a 'Real World' service. Here's how: Postal services as we know it is fast becoming a forgotten domain in the Real World, what with the advent of e-mail and then, social networking sites. Who has the time to send gifts or parcels, or post letters, then? So when we came across a startup SendSocial that actually sends parcels/gifts to Real World people based on their e-mail IDs and Twitter IDs, we just could not resist writing about the website.
Imagine sending a parcel to some one whose ‘Real World’ postal address you don’t have? All that you do need is either that person’s Facebook or Twitter ID or e-mail address, and the guys atSendSocial will do the rest of the work. Which means they will get in touch with that person, seek his postal address and notify him/her that you want to send a parcel. Simple. Which means you do not have to share the address of the place you live at or any other personal details like telephone numbers with any stranger or online/social friend you made on the Net.
In short, here is how it works: Mr A contacts SendSocial and gives them the e-mail ID of Ms Y, saying he wants to send her a gift. SendSocial gets in touch with Y and tells her of X’s intention, and asks her whether she’s willing to accept the gift. If yes, they get her postal address but do not share it with any one else, least of all X. They get in touch with X and tell him Y would be happy to receive his gift. After that, X completes the payment obligation. X then prints out a barcode from the website of SendSocial, pastes it on his gift, and then waits for the guys from SendSocial to pick up the gift from his residence/office, as the case may be. The gift is then delivered to Y, after the SendSocial machines have read the address in the barcode. In fact, the recipient can even decide at which address to finally receive the parcel – home, office or any other.
SendSocial is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Ben Way, best known for his appearance on Channel 4's "Secret Millionaire". In March 2009, Ben sent out a message on Twitter, asking for feedback on an idea of his - a system that would allow individuals to send and receive real items to people they didn't necessarily want to share their personal details with. He then set aside 10% of the company to people who re-tweeted this message, individuals we now know as 'SendSocial Investors'. Within days of receiving feedback, a team consisting of six other entrepreneurs was formed, and SendSocial was born.

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