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2 China with love
By: Ask Bob, Dec 3, 2010
Today, the Startup we feature pertains to 1 geographical area - China. The dotcom concerns the Online community as well as people in the 'Real World'. Since the lines between the 2 worlds here do get blurred, we have decided to feature it. Let us emphasise though that this website likes to stick to matters of the Web World. An exception become necessary, sometimes. 2Chinable is a website for those interested in the Chinese Internet market, or planning to make an investment in that country's Internet market.
Our website has often broken news around China's Internet market, the largest in the world. Covering that market, one which is perceived to be a "closed one" (ask Google), can be quite daunting sometimes. This is where a website like 2Chinable comes in.
The "project", as they put it, was started earlier this year by MeetCandy International Business Consulting Ltd, a company registered in Hong Kong. The latter has been around since 2007 & focuses on the China Internet market (that's why it's being featured in these pages), offering information related to that market to middle & small businesses that want access to the China.
Besides a Markets Overview section, 2Chinable.com has individual sections on Mobile Internet, Online Game, Search Engine, Social Media, E-Commerce, & much more. All this in addition to a News section on the Internet-related developments in China.
So, if you are a potential investor looking at China's Internet sector, 2Chinable has free research reports that you can download + a China websites directory. If you are not, & are just curious & wanna keep yourself updated on what's up online in China, the section on China Market overview should suffice.