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 AUGUST 2010
A startup in Asia? Read on.... 
By: Ask Bob                                  Aug 31, 2010
Managers and owners of new web startups have but one over-ridding concern - how to get funding? Next on the "needs" list is advice. If you are startup located in the Philippines or anywhere else in Asia, there is a web startup community called PinoyWebStartup which claims to profile and track web products and services in that part of the world. Based in Philippines, PinoyWebStartup was "jumpstarted" by Pigmata Media as a platform to fund like-minded entreprenuers and give Philippine-based startups in the web technology. 
PinoyWeb Startup, itself a relatively recent effort, having started off sometime in 2008, has positioned itself as a guide for Internet entrepreneurs to success in their ventures. While it aims to encourage Philippine-based startups largely, it will also extend the same courtesy to other Asian web ventures. There are various things to do as part of the Pinoy network or even as a casual visitor. You can tell them of any new web startup that is in its Beta stage, and they will follow it up, you can register and become part of the Pinoy community and share your expertise or speak of your dealings with startups, you can suggest companies (net-based) for listing on its Internet directory, where you can also read profiles of other "listed" companies. Besides all that, the site also regularly posts upcoming events that are of interest to startups and their owners. There is another section called 'Articles' where you can read and contribute stories on new developments in the startup world, an expert's opinion, and so on.   
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The power of 1     
By: Ask Bob       Aug 18, 2010

So, what's new on the Internet today? Our webspiders always have one bitch (they have more but we'll leave those for a later day) that they have to remember a lot of passwords in the course of their duty (they are human, remember?). Forever their one grip was - when will the day come when we will not have to remember all those passwords? Then, this morning, they got very excited. Crawling all the way to our webmasters, they excitedly chattered of this new startup that they had just stumbled upon called singleID. This service launched from India not only gives you a solution to the problem of multiple passwords, it also allows a user to store his/her digital/personal profile at one cyber location so that those seeking to verify the virtual identity of that particular user can do so without the user having to keep filling in multiple online forms. .....and the service is free.
Single ID Services is provided by Single Identity Technologies Ltd, based in Pune, India. Formed by professionals in the data protection field, the people behind the service are Hemant Kulkarni and Shivangi Nadkarni, both experts in this domain. The way single ID works is this: Essentially, there are 2 services – single password called ‘single login’ and 'single profile'. For single password, it is fairly simple. After you’ve registered, you shall be given a single ID identity which will be something like this, ‘Mr X.singleid.net’. This is enough for you to log on to any website using the Open ID standard without even having to register. But then, here is the rub. You can only use the single ID password with all those sites in the Open ID system. Of course, the guys at singleID say there are thousands of companies and websites including Digg and Microsoft which are already part of the Open ID ecosystem across the globe. When you wanna log into any such site, one of the 2 ways to get in is to type in your singleID name after which that website will then re-direct you to the singleID site where you then key in your singleID password, and viola, you have logged into the 1st website.
For having a single profile, a user has to first collate and digitally store all his personal information. The choice of what he wants to store out of his entire personal data is left to the user. He can then get parts of this data or the entire stuff attested by “trusted” 3rd parties like his Chartered Accountant or Human Resources Manager or somebody like that. A user can self-attest too, wherever that is accepted. Once done, he/she can then submit his single profile to all such service providers/merchants/education institutions,etc, who require proof of identity. Basically, the singleID service completely negates the hassle of constantly collecting your documents and re-submitting them, every time someone or some organization asks for proof of identity. The singleID profile is meant for citizens of India where a lot of such documents are constantly required as proof.
Launched in April 2009, singleID is a move to promote the OpenID ecosystem in India.
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Name: singleID   
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