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Children, here's one way to have fun
By: Ask Bob                                                                                                                                                                          
One day, not so long, long ago (since this story is about a children's website), our webspiders were going about their search when they paused in their task. They had come across a line -A social gaming platform. Ah, ha, finally! Here was some thing unique,they thought. Well, that one line is why we ultimately decided to feature this start-up here. That, and the rather unusual name. This start-up from India is called Whoawee.com. It offers interactive and informative games specifically designed for children of various age groups.

Whoawee.com claims to be more than just a gaming portal. It provides children the environment to discover their creativity within, and helps them learn new skills with interactive online games. If your child wants to use this site just to play games, he/she can do it for free, but if your kiddo wants more like chatting with other friends, he/she will then have to register and login subsequently.

Many of the games are focused in improving a child's education. It helps kids to build their skills in maths, logic, vocabulary, spelling, geography, science and computer skills.

Whoawee.com is a product of a Mumbai (India) partnership firm.
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Name: Whoawee          
Design - 4/5       Utility - 2/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 3/5                                               Score - 12/20
A third life?

By: Ask Bob


Remember SecondLife? Yup, the same place where you get to lead a virtual life, far removed from the 'Real World' one; where you get to be what you wanna be. There is a new website out there, rather a social networking site cum gaming portal which made us think of SecondLife. GoJiyo is all about new friendships and new experiences.

Gojiyo.com is a joint initiative between Godrej Industries Limited and Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Limited, one of India's largest consumer products group. What has made a completely 'brick-n-mortar' company launch an online youth networking site is something that remains unanswered on the website. The way GoJiyo works is easy enough - there are several 'worlds' within the GoJiyo universe with names such as Solaria, Noom and Snowflash, among others. Every user has to register and then, don an avataar. You can change the way you look, talk, even your gender. Like the site designers have said, there is no need to make new friends here, after you have logged in your areas of interests, you are given suggestions of friends who share the same preferences. Whenever your preferences change, a fresh list of friends shall be thrown up. There is also the ubiquitous chat window for striking up a conversation with others from the GoJiyo tribes. Among the many activities that you can do here is to.......hold your breath, tame a tiger.


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Name: GoJiyo   
Design - 3/5       Utility - 2/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 4/5                                                              Score - 12/20
How to e-collaborate?
By: Ask Bob

Heard of micro-blogging, right? Ever heard of micro-collaboration then?  We came across this first-time concept on a 'pre-beta' site http://www.dunnitt.com.The guys at dunnit, Nari Kannan and Balaji Loganathan say dunnit is to connect/collaborate with your family, friends or colleagues across all social network sites, across all tools starting from your PC to your laptop to your mobile phones. This collaboration is in real time, not delayed. So these people at dunnit take your friends' list spread unevenly across various social networks like facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, (I leave out the others for lack of space) break it up into a smaller list of people you (the user) wants to instantly collaborate with, and allows you to communicate with them. Eg: You have Best Friends List 1 on facebook and a Office Colleagues List 2 on MySpace, and you need to call 10 friends from the first list and 2 colleagues from the second list for a 'night out' today. What do you do? You can of course manually send them sms or a service permitting bulk smses. Or you could log in into each of your network sites and once again, send out emails, and await a response. Or....as a dunnit user, ask them to get the selected names from various sites and help you do the needful.


Not only that, each of the 12 can see publicly, in real time, the response of the other. As its designers put it, "Dunnitt’s goal is to provide a mechanism where everybody can see in real-time what the latest status of the coordination is. If someone suggests a possible date and time for meeting for drinks, everyone will be able to see what works or does not work for all others."


Dunnit has several options for its users - for activities (buy flowers for my wife tomorrow), for filling out forms (maybe for an opinion poll), Yes/No (for answering questions that need an immediate answer like, 'Can we meet tonight?') a Sign Up sheet (for asking people to sign up an online petition).


They are thinking up of more and have appealed to surfers to send in more suggestions.





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Name: Dunnitt

Design - 3/5       Utility - 3/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 3/5                                                                        Score - 12/20
In the world of micro-blogging, this one offers a really simple service.If you register for an account with Identi.ca, it allows you to post small text notices about yourself. Using this, you can let everybody and his well, pet know where you are currently located, and so on.
An account holder with http://identi.ca can post small text notices about himself (upto 140 characters or less) which basically can contain info such as who you are, where are you located, or anything else that you want to tell the world in real time. The service is an Open Source microblogging platform powered by Statusnet. Statusnet Inc are the same guys who also provide commercial support programmes for some very big companies like Motorola, using the Open Source microblogging tool. Obviously, this looks like an off-shoot of that for Net users. Any one interested in this can give it a try.  
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Name: Identi.ca
Design - 2/5       Utility - 2/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 4/5                                                                      Score - 11/20


Guys, a new social networking site has entered the Internet space. It goes by the name vsoid. com or Virtual Social Identity Number. What is its USP? Well, according to its designers, "VSOID is a unique platform which lets you create your own unique social identity. VSOID will help to create new opportunities, get closely associated with the social issues and more important to be part of brands of big companies."  The concept of a Virtual Social Identity Number (VSOID) is a first in Internet space, say its creators. They add that it will help create a unique identity of its members on the net. Besides keeping in touch with friends, former colleagues and so on, across the globe, those registering with the site can also keep abreast of the latest jobs in his/her chosen line of profession, and a host of other features. So, now, in addition to facebook and tweeter, here is VSOID. Interesting, what say?


So, what do you when you are frustrated? Wring your hands? Kick your mutt? Here's a micro-blogging service that claims to take the frustration out of you. Called fruster.com, its designers say this is a "niche" -community-based service where Netizens can release all that pent up anger. Fruster is a service that allows you to vent about things that you find frustrating in day-to-day life. Those who run the blog say instead of focusing on "What are you doing?", like these other social networks, fruster is a more niched community based on letting go of your anger and supporting others that are frustrated. We all want an audience when we are complaining and now we have it. So, for all you frustrated souls out there, hit the button at www.fruster.com
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Name: Fruster   
Design - 3/5       Content- 4/5     Nav - 4/5     Download - 4/5                                                                 Score -15/20