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This gaming portal claims to have gone Social

By: Ask Bob, Jan 22, 2011

Free online games, anyone? One feedback which our webspiders have always got from the online community is that there is an insatiable demand for virtual gaming. So, we decided, what the heck...here's one more Gaming Startup that will help you while away your time while surfing. Flash Jolt is much more that just a site that offers you free games to play.
The guys who run Flash Jolt say they started it as a Gaming site to enable developers  to upload their games & publish it online, but since its release, the site has had many updates that has made it much more into a Social Gaming Portal. Thus, having to make a mid-course correction, they continued with the Social aspect, building a platform for both - Games & Gamers.
The site has all kinds & categories of Games - Action, Adventure, Shooter, Sports, Puzzles, to name a few. While one has to register as a member, all the action here is free. Gamers who have developed games can upload & strut their stuff online, for free.  The Free portion is possible because the site has several sponsors. Then, there are other sections like 'Editor's Pick' & so on.The names of the top players are also displayed.
According to the info available on the site, its development started approx around early July 2009. The website was then released as “Developer Beta” where developers had the opportunity to upload their game. The first game uploaded on 26/08/2009. The rest of the work on finishing the frontend of the website continued & it was finally released mid-September, 2009. By early 2010 , loads of other features were added & a re-designed site was released.
While the identity of those running Flash Jolt is not too clear, the site is uploaded almost every day by Flash Game developers.


Play online console games & win points, cash & prizes

By: Ask Bob, Jan 04, 2011
Since the new year has just begun & it is too early to start writing about Startups, our web spiders ( errr.....human editors) decided to take a peek into the year just gone by (2010) in order to find some interesting Startup to write about. They came upon a gaming portal that was launched with much fanfare in June 2010. At that time, the launch of Virgin Gaming by none other than the flamboyant Richard Branson of the Virgin Airlines fame, made it to the world headlines.
Not too long ago, Richard Branson had driven up to the launch of this Startup, Virgin Gaming, carrying US $1 million in cash, hitting headlines not only in the Online World but also in the 'Real World'. The moolah was ostensibly to hand over as cash prizes in the next one year to all those winning games in "tournaments" on this site. That means by September 2011, this gaming site would have given this cash as prize money to the winners of its various online tournaments. At that time, the co-founder of Virgin Gaming Zack Zeldin had remarked that they wanted this portal to be every man's destination for game tournaments.
Virgin Gaming, for those of you who missed all that, is positioned as an online destination for competitive console gamers. It is a result of a joint partnership between Virgin & WorldGaming.com Along with Zack, the other founder of WorldGaming.com is William Levy. The two friends, with some measure of encouragement from the present Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Virgin Gaming Rob Segal, were responsible for Virgin Gaming. Both Levy & Zack explain Virgin G as a "convergence of video games, social networking & competitive online gaming.
So, this gaming portal allows a gamer to play online tournaments without ever having to leave his living room.Tournaments are on every day of the week. There are roughly 3 criteria - single entry, team entry & restricted entry for tournament purposes. The last includes a "by invitation of the management" entry to all those players who have shown good behavior on line & a sense of fair play. 
Registration with Virgin Gaming is a 3 step process & is free. You need a valid e-mail ID, a valid Xbox gametag or PSN ID to enable you to open an account & start playing the games. Tournament entry fees range from Free to a maximum of US $ 1000. All registered users can participate in the free tournaments but to participate in the paid ones, a user needs to deposit real cash in a designated bank account. The entry fees differ for different tournaments, but the minimum deposit is US $20. Winnings, too, differ for each tournament. For users living in those places where the law of the land does not permit them to enter into such paid online games, they can only take part in the free tournaments. which means no cash transactions either way. Cash prizes are largely determined by the type & structure of individual tournaments, but logically, the more players participate, the larger the payouts. Typically, prizes range from US $500 to US $5000. Virgin Gaming gets to keep 12% as its own percentage for every tournament & the remaining 88% is paid out as cash prizes.