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Fun or play, this online messaging platform aims to get your point across

By: Ask Bob, Jan 18, 2011
There is no doubt that the online Social Networking scene is getting crowded. Messages, appeals or posts tend to get lost in this myriad world. There is now a macro-messaging platform called Whispurr, that allows you to not only post public messages but also private ones, thus creating inidividual groups of common interest. 
The Ireland-based Whispurr, a micro messaging blog, allows you to post macro messages, upto 300 characters. But the guys behind Whispurr say their site is not intended for "frivilous talk but to engage others in thought provoking internet conversations".
A quick comparison between Whispurr and others of its ilk reveals that the former's format is different. To begin with, this micro-blog allows conversational threads. Users have the choice to take these "conversations" forward.

Users also have the choice of posting Public or Private messages. Public messages are those where an individual "posts" information of public interest for all to read while Private messages are between specific individuals, not seen by other "public" members.
Whispurr was launched in March 2010 & 5 individuals are behind this site: Stefano Rocco, an IT guru from Italy, Hakan Guzelgoz from Turkey, who is the Managing Director, Vivienne Condell-Insalaco, "the hidden mentor" from Ireland & an "early inspiration",  Kerem Suer, the Web Designer from USA + Turkey, & Jill Moynihan, from the US who is the Marketing & PR person.
Joining this site is free, one can even use a Google account to do so. A user is allowed to put up his profile & link to his website, among other things. 

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Name: Whispurr
Design - 3/5       Utility - 3/5     Nav - 4/5     Download - 3/5     Score - 13/20


Video killed the Text Star?

By: Ask Bob, Jan 10, 2011
Our webspiders have discovered a video-based Social Networking Site where members just don't speak to each other, they literally talk to each other. Video instead of text message is the  preferred & only mode of communication on Curt Video. But, why is it called Curt?
Curt Video is called so because it allows users to post video messages ranging from 10-45 seconds only. It's designers have explained this further, saying that since video messages are a one-way form of communication, anything beyond 45 secs may get to be boring. Hence, the name, Curt V. 
Curt Video based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, has been in development since September 2010. It went from Alpha to Beta stage on December 8. Using video messages dubbed Curts, registered members can open up lines of communications with each other, strike online friendship, & initiate/take part in debates. The antecedents of the makers of this video Social Networking Site are unknown, the About Us column has little by way of explanation on this front.
Although a free site, one needs to register to start using it. Curt V also allows non-registered users to test the site in order to understand it better before signing in. Unfortunately, when we clicked on the Demo tab, we got a "Coming Soon" message.
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Name: Curt Video
Design - 3/5       Utility - 2/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 3/5     Score - 11/20



Have plans for the day?Wanna share 'em with others who may similar plans? This Startup will help you mix

By: Ask Bob, Jan 8, 2011
Hey guys, so what's new on the Internet? We know by now all of you must be pretty tired catching up with all the News revolving around social networking sites.Now, there is a Startup that not only allows users to socialize & make new friends, but draw up plans, short & long-term, & share these almost instantly with fellow users.
There are Social Networking Sites & then some. PlanMixer is a Startup that came online early last year, allowing users to use the service for sharing their personal plans (whatever they maybe) with anyone & everyone. In one stroke, it allows you to do all these things - Make new friends globally, search for old ones, share your short-term plans like catching a movie in the evening, or long-term plans like starting a hiking club; do a local search for friends or those who have plans just like yours, or simply seek the opinions of all your friends on a certain plan of yours that you wish to put into action soon.
There are various ways to use PlanMixer. Eg: You are in London, a city where you do not know many people.You wanna visit a local pub to soak in the atmosphere. You scribble the plan with the relevant details on your PlanMixer Profile Page & await a response(s) from someone in London who has a similar plan for the evening.
The guys who have developed PlanMixer say the matching of plans is near-automated. Even before you have finished keying in the last words of your plan in a Search-type box, the site will match any other such plans on the website with yours. Thus, an individual user need not search in every user's Profile Page for his/her plans. In addition, there is also a local site Search feature where you can search for what other users' plans are, and then "mix" with them, if they suit you. 
Then there are other features like a Thumbs Up or T-Down button which members can use to express their opinions on other users' plans, a Comments box & even a button to block a user from accessing your Profile Page.
This is a free service but a new user has to register first.
We are not too sure of the identity of the fellas running this show (not available on the website) but suspect it is an Indian Startup (correct us if we are wrong, guys).
                                                                    Our View
Name: PlanMixer
Design - 2/5       Utility - 3/5     Nav - 4/5     Download - 3/5     Score - 12/20


This Social Media site means Business


By: Ask Bob, Jan 6, 2011

Businesses worldwide, offline as well as online, are wisening up to the importance of using Social Media to achieve their goals. Many have now got on to Facebook,Twitter & so on, hoping that they can sell more of their products if their community network (read client base) increases. Most of these Social Networking Sites are used for making friends, primarily, thus increasing one's contacts. In the last few months, though, the online world has started seeing the birth of a new type of Social Media, one that focuses only on improving your business, whatever it may be. They call themselves Social Media Sites for Business. Sokule, started in October last, is one such.
Social networking has become almost a necessity these days for businesses to market their products. By their own admission, the guys at Sokule admit that their Social Media site acts & behaves like Twitter "but the similarity ends there".
Launched in October 2010, Sokule  claims to be a "powerful bundle of tools, applications & services" aimed at businesses to leverage on the power of the Internet, especially Social Media. Among the various things that this service does is to take a business message (like a blogpost  ot tweet, only here it is called a  Squeek) & simultaneously posts it on 59 social media sites like Facebook & Twitter. Thus, there are 2 ways this site helps a business owner make money - acting as a tool to increase business sales by posting his/her business Squeeks & also allowing registered users to earn commissions by introducing others to Sokule.
Sokule was developed by Phil Basten. He along with Jane Mark had previously started the Australian company, JPE Advertising. The latter's flagship company JAM Marketing Inc, is based out of New York, USA. Sokule Inc, also based in New York, was created as is mentioned on the website, "to meet the advertising needs of the Internet Business Community by helping to increase he advertising reach of its members."
Registering for Sokule is free. Users can then sign up for various packages, depending on their needs & budgets. The basic account is Free; the others include an all-service Premium one, each with its per-month price tag. The Free account is very basic & allows users to do only so much.
Sokule allows users to: (depending on which package they have subscribed to)
Post your message to 59 Social Media sites
Post longer messages when you may something more to say
Even post Article-length messages


This Startup allows you to build a Social Site around your likes & dislikes

By: Ask Bob, Jan 2, 2011
It's like a chicken & egg kind of a situation but this Startup's effort is to try & help users build a Social Network by listing out their fav things. Normally, it is the other way around where users of a particular Social Site join up & then list the things they like in order to get like-minded "friends" to join their group.
The way ListFav works is simple enough ( a word we like). Once you register - it's free - you can create a list of all the things you like. Then, it could be movies, filmstars, websites.....anything you wanna list. Having done that, you can then start you Search for users with similar tastes ( or dislikes, for that matter). You are on, Socialising on the Net. 
The identity of the company running this Startup launched earlier in 2010 is not clear because surprisingly, when you click on the 'Company' link, the page is blank. Whoever the guys are, the way they have described ListFav is this - While traditional Social Networks simply allow you to spy on your already existing friends, ListFav actually helps you find new ones by helping you connect with people you have things in common with...
A user can browse through the various listed categories like Movies, Books and so on, or even create new ones. The most popular Likes in each category are listed the highest, with the least popular at the last rung of the step. 
You can even register to use this Startup through your Facebook account. Once you do, you can start using this Social Site by creating your own list of favs.

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Name: ListFav  
Design - 3/5       Utility - 3/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 3/5     Score - 12/20