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Building a social site around your cellphone contacts list

By: Ask Bob, Dec 28, 2010
We have heard about social networking websites but recently, our webspiders came across a free SMS service provider in India that is building a social site around SMS. 160by2, the free SMS service launched a Startup called 160by2 Social, leveraging on its experience with short messaging service.
This India-based company launched the free SMS based service (an SMS Country initiative)called 160by2 in 2007. It allows a registered user to send SMS upto 80 characters. So how does it make money if the service is free? It appends contextual advertising to every SMS, that's how.
Anyway, that is not the purpose of this report. On October 31, 2010, 160by2 launched a social site around SMS itself called 160by2 Social. The idea is to use the Contacts list on everyone's phones to build a network of friends & contacts.
160by2 claims to have about 10 million users who have saved about 85 million contacts online according to its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Satya Yerramsetti. In her blogpost, she says there is "already a social network sitting there in your contact list all we needed to do was to make it interactive and bring in social angle to it."
The idea behind the new social site is simple - encourage users to post public messages of 140 charcters, and then make others follow them.
"The idea to morph a free SMS service into a social network was a bold idea," says Satya in her post. "The question was how to position our service as a Social network around SMS and not give an impression that it is not another twitter or a facebook. After 8 months of confusion and experimentation and your feedback, we finally launched it with a decent feel to it," she adds.
The guys at 160by2 promise more features in the days to come. They have appealed to their users - Indian as well as international - to send feedback on the social site in order to better it.


Here's a "funny" social networking Startup

By: Ask Bob, Dec 12, 2010
How often have been embarrassed in life? How many times have you or your friend done something that have got you in splits? Do you wanna share these moments with others online, that too, without even revealing your name or any part of your identity? There is a Startup that now allows you to do just that.
The Startup called TextCurve was started earlier this year. You, the user, can post any embarrassing or hilarious moment of your life, that too, completely anonymously.This micro-blogging platform that operates out of Kolkata, India, has a very simple purpose - lets others into the fun & let them laugh (or smile) at your funny episodes. If you were scared to tell these real life stories to your own, tell it to complete strangers, & get it off your chest, and not go red in your face. The posts are called Curves, hence the name. There is no need to register or log in. Just post your nickname & your e-mail ID, and go ahead & post your message. Like Twitter, though, there is a limit to the number of words/characters you can use per post. In the case of TextCurve, it is 325 characters. Readers can also vote Good or Bad & even post messages to your post.
Eg of Curves: Last night I was drunk and then found out my brother was dancing with my girlfriend.