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Play this Game by Yahoo! Research & learn the basics of Economics
By: Ask Bob                   Oct 28, 2010

Gamers out there in the online community will be happy with this announcement. Yahoo! labs has launched a zombie game, which is being positioned as "educational", too. Called Shambling Hordes this one's is all about warlords(players) leading an army of zombies. Though strictly not a Startup, our webspiders gave their go-ahead to feature the game here, for after all it's new.
Yahoo! Labs has launched a new Zombie skill game that teaches the principles of Economics. Called Shambling Hordes, it is all about players turning into warlords and fighting over territory. The warlords need to build an army of zombies before that, and battle other players for land. Shambling Hordes can be played between 2 warlords at a time, and the fight takes place on a map depicting fictitious countries. Each player has a home base where they can produce a number of zombies to form a team in each round. The more zombies a player produces, the more territory they control. The game, says Yahoo! Research, helps players master the principles of game theory, advanced math and classical economics. A typical game can last about 15 minutes.
This game seems simple enough but each player needs to strategise to some extent. Yahoo! has released this game just in time for Halloween, it would seem. 

Birth of a new games portal
By: Ask Bob                   Oct 9, 2010
All you gamers out there, here's a new games portal. Launched by MMOGameSite (MGS) Technology Network, a global online game centre, the MMO Game portal at www.mmogamesite.com allows players to browse, discover, rate, share and of course, play free Massive Multi-player Online RolePlaying Game (MMORPG).
 MMOGameSite (MGS) which is headquartered in Shanghai, China, claims to be a fast growing Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (mmorpg) news media with the objective of delivering the latest news, reviews and walkthroughs on top online mmorpg, video games, pc games, and browser web games. It says its ultimate goal is to be the next global leader in three business verticals: media, digital distribution, and game technology as IGN distributes.
http://www.mmogamesite.com, launched in late September 2010, has a clearly listed navigation bar where a gamer can see the various genres of games like Sci-Fi, Adventure and so on. There are even non-English mmorpg and browser games. The other categories include Racing, Fantasy, Virtual World and Sports.
The Games portal also solicits reviews for the various games for which a reviewer gets paid. There are also 2 new sections for Facebook fans players containing social games, In fact, earlier, the company had launched the browser game portal PlayBBG.com, a one-stop shop for all browser games, news and reviews. To play games on the new portal, one needs to register first, and subsequently log in.