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Calling all gamers

By: Ask Bob, Dec 7, 2010
This Startup can be best described as a Gamer's social network. If you are a player, be it on PC based games, X Box, Web-based games, social games, you can use the GameGround.com App to get connected with others of your ilk. Eager to find out how?
The idea is simple enough. Take all gamers across the Web World & the 'Real World', & connect them to each other, building a kinda gamers' or gamingcommunity's social network. So, if you are playing a game alone on the Net or any place else, you can connect to a fellow gamer, and  then perhaps, play the same game together.
GameGround.com, a New York Startup, is an App to help gamers socialize with each other more. easily. It is described by its makers as "a personalized gaming app that enhances games on PC, Xbox and any website and connects players of all types." The App, in public Beta, learns not only what games its users are playing, but also what they are achieving, enabling it to provide new missions, rewards, high score incentives and ways to share success amongst  friends. 
GameGround is a private company & started operations in 2008 and has 25 employees. To date, the company has raised US $5.3 million, bringing the total amount of funds raised since it started to $11.1 million. Investors participating in this round include Sequoia Capital, Softbank Capital, Vodafone Ventures, and Novel TMT ventures.
In a recent interview, Itzik Ben-Bassat, co-founder and chairman of GameGround explained the idea behind his website. The App's idea, he says, came from the thought that playing games is still too often a solitary activity, mainly because it is not easy to find someone interested in playing the same game as you when you want to play.
The site has several categories - Contests, Game of the Week, Product Updates, among others. With GameGround.com, users can get one-click access to their favorite games across various platforms. At present, there are about 10,000 users testing this App.
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