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This the way to go?

By: Ask Bob, Jan 30, 2011

How many times have you wanted to share online Content that you have liked with your friends but found the "sharing tools" quite cumbersome or time consuming? MyselfToGo promises to help you share whatever you like with everyone with a click of the mouse & the opening of a new desktop window. 

If MyselfToGo is to be described in one sentence, it allows a user to share online Content with other surfers. And, this is done by simply opening another window while you are online & key in your comments about the website or blog or whatever it is that you are viewing at that very moment in time, online.
There are several features on MyselfToGo plus many more are expected to be added soon. The website works for both categories - Surfers & Online Publishers.
Access to MyselfToGo is free for all. A surfer needs to register the 1st time & subsequently log in in order to start posting his/her own comments about websites. For website owners/publishers, they need to install a piece of code to enable their users/visitors to gain access to the features:



Write uncensored comments at every website.

See the websites your friends are surfing.

Auto bookmark your visits to access the websites later.

Discover websites with related content.

Suggest websites, pictures, videos, RSS feeds, events, locations and products to  your friends.

Surfers Edition:

If you've always wanted to edit an external website: Start Surfers Edition

Field Exchange:

Take your (surfer) profile with you.

Register at a website in 3 clicks.

You are always in charge of what data will be exchanged.

Update Everywhere:

Update you status on all the social networks from just one place.

Relocated? Update your address in all your profiles.

Have a new phone number? Never let your friends lose your contact information by updating your number everywhere.


MyselfToGo Co-browsing especially, is intended to help you meet new people online with the same browsing interests & discover new Content online following your friends’ recommendations. To start Co-browsing, simply drag the button below to the Bookmarks Toolbar of your browser.

Every time you wanna see who else is on the particular website you are on, or if you wanna share that

website (or some particular piece of Content), click the button to have the left-hand co-browsing sidebar appear. That's in, you are on.
We have no clue to who is behind MyselfToGo or where it based as this information is not available on the website.


This Startup gives noodle a "different" definition

By: Ask Bob, Jan 26, 2011

Today's Startup featured on this Page transcends both the worlds - Online as well as the 'Real World'.  But since scores of online Startups are born every day ( the very reason for  this website's existence), we have decided to feature YouNoodle. It is primarily positioned as a platform for entrepreneurs across the globe. But it claims to be more than just a meeting place for entrepreneurs & investors.
If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to be one, an investor or the owner of an early stage Startup, YouNoodle strives to serve as a "connection". YouNoodle claims to be a platform that "inspires, connects & empowers entrepreneurs with the tools needed to found, launch & run a successful Startup. 
Based out San Francisco, USA, YouNoodle (currently in Beta) has various sections catering to  the demands of doing/starting a business. There is one on 'Entrepreneur Groups' like the Stanford (university) Entrepreneur Club, where a member can create a Group or join another, even set up & manage competitions.  The Startup provides a platform for 50 of the world's top university entrepreneurship clubs and competitions, serving tens of thousands of members and thousands of startups. So, if you run a group and would like to join the platform, he/she can apply & the guys behind YouNoodle will get back to you.
Another section is called 'Professional Profile' which is more like setting up your online resume. Once you become a member, you can send invitations to other members, follow their Startups, communicate with each other, & so on. YouNoodle also provides profesional tools to manage your Events like maybe a seminar or workshop.
The other feature of YouNoodle which is remniscent of another Website discovery engine Stumbleupon is called 'Browse Startups'. Here, a member can browse through the details of the listed Startup, & then decide to follow it or not. Of course, if you already have your own Startup up & running, you can register yourself & then list your own Startup with YouNoodle.This section is more on the lines of a Social Networking Site.
As part of its 1st "tool", YouNoodle has set up a Startup Predictor. This is the first in a series of decision-making tools that YouNoodle plans to introduce for the Startup industry. This tool is based on thousands of current & past Startups, using both publicly available and proprietary data, to determine the patterns of predictive factors for early-stage companies' success. 
You can check out YouNoodle without even registering. But to avail of all its features, registeration is necessary ( it is free).
                                                                                Our View

Name: YouNoodle
Design - 3/5       Utility - 4/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 3/5     Score - 13/20


This new media company promises some innovative Internet Content

By: Ask Bob, Jan 20, 2011

The immediate reason for this Startup to be in the News is because a Social Game it designed called Babies Everywhere has just been launched on Social Networking Site Facebook. But media production company SiXiTS has been around for just under a year, positioning itself as a company that promises to produce "innovative Internet Content."
he idea behind global new media production company SiXiTS is essentially to publish Entertainment Content for distribution through Internet-enabled channels. As such, this site is not your typical website. Based on  its people's experience in animated feature films, visual effects & video games production, the guys at SiXiTS have unrolled their plan to produce a variety of products across Net-enabled platforms for the creation of interactive entertainment.

Euan Macdonald, CEO & Creative Director, SiXiTS, in a media interview, had said that the company's future will be directed by seasoned executives from well-known studios and mobile companies including Disney’s ImageMovers Digital, Lucasfilm Animation, Industrial Light and Magic, Electronic Arts, and Nokia.

SiXiTS plans is to produce such products using its own licensed brands. According to the company, these intellectual properties (IP) could take on many forms in the future including:

. Fun and original Content that will create amazing licensing opportunities
. Dynamic and intelligent interactive entertainment
. Maintaining social context across Facebook, the iPhone, and the Web
SiXiTS had announced the opening of its first U.S-based office in northern California in March 2010.  At that time, it had also announced of a "Private Beta" partnership with Sibblingz to produce and develop Social Games using the Sibblingz Social Gaming Framework. The partnership, it had said, would allow SiXiTS to create a variety of applications such as monetized Social Games with virtual goods, that are playable across Facebook, iPhone, iPad & other Internet enabled platforms.
Among the 1st tasks SiXiTS had undertaken was the creation of a new version of a popular Social Game.  In April 2010, it had announced the launch of a version of the Facebook game called Happy Acquarium from Crowdstar International, on the popular Social Network Tagged.com. SiXiTS said it would be "managing the game" on Tagged & creating specific features for users.
On Jan 19, 2011, it announced the launch of the alpha version of Social Game, Babies Everywhere, on Social Networking Site Facebook.

                                                                              Our View

Name: SiXiTS
Design - 4/5       Utility - 3/5     Nav - 4/5     Download - 4/5     Score - 15/20

e-Connect to the Web creators & providers

By: Ask Bob, Jan 16, 2011

So, what's new on the Internet today? For those of you in the online community out there who are into offering any kind of service or are a designer of any kind or even an enterpreneur, this Startup that our webspiders uncovered offers a "no frills" platform to communicate with each other. eBackers is a website that connects those who "create & provide for the Web".
Started on January 9, 2011, eBackers is a place for web professionals, online businesses, Startups & people with ideas. The idea behind this website is simple enough - to provide a platform to post requests to find the right people for web-related needs.
eBackers can come handy for all those involved with the "business" of the Web i.e. web designing, graphic artists, entreprenuers looking for Startups to put their money in, Startups looking for funds, web service providers, and so on. It is a kind of meeting grounds forprofessional from these categroies. Posts can even be a job vacancy for a Content Manager.
Eg: If you are a graphic artist wanting to sell your designs to anyone who wanna buy it, you can post a message here.
Users do not have to register for using this free service. All that they need to do is write their message & post it. The website's administrator will then approve it. Once done, the request appears on eBackers for all to read. The posts remain on the website for 45 days. 


You can trade your fav sportstars online on this website

By: Ask Bob, Jan 14, 2011

This Startup is primarily meant for those whose interest lies in the world of sports. Not that we are about to write about a 'Real World' business but the lines between the 2 worlds get slightly blurred where this website is concerned. Called Spoxchange, this website is a global sports stockchange, allowing users to "trade" online, using virtual money, in sports players.
This Startup based in India which took off late 2009 is only for sports lovers... and well, some people who love to trade, irrespective of what the "commodity" is. Spoxchangeis an online sports entertainment portal where you get to trade players and win awards.
The site has its own currency, which you use to trade. Based on your knowledge of sports &  favorite sports players & their records/performances, a user can buy or sell them. Registration is free. Even as you are trading, you also stand a chance to win some prizes. Initially, a user gets 5000 Spoxchange currency which can be used to buy stocks of players. Like any other corporate body, a user can earn dividend from your long-term purchases. Online money though is not converted to 'Real World' money, like in the case of some other gaming sites.
Spoxchange has been launched with Cricket players but the guys behind it say they will soon include players from other Sports. They are also at pains to explain that this stock exchange is precisely that,& should not be construed as a gambling site or betting website.
The stock exchange works 24 hours & its designers advice "traders" to log in atleast once a day.

This application links your calendars, not friends

By: Ask Bob, Jan 12, 2011

Our web spiders thought this Startup should find a mention on the pages of this website simply because we are into a new year. It's like this - here's an online application that allows a user to syncronize & thus manage his/her personal as well as official calendars.
There are scores of Social Networking Sites that claim to link you up with old friends or fetch you new ones or get you customers to drive your business. But Calamander is an Application that links only your calendars. By that, it means your schedule-- personal, professional, business & everything in between. 
The Seattle, Canadian Startup's goal in its own words is to be the "Grand Central Station for managing, connecting, synchronizing and sharing all the calendars in your life." 
There are several features to this Application:
The Connected Calendar
This allows a user to see all his calendars through a single interface, irrespective of his/her service. Eg: Gmail or Hotmail, etc
The Sync Calendar
This allows a user to coordinate events between calendars by showing a user's events & data on other calendars. Using this, a user can send his calendar to any mobile phone or online calendar service. A user can send it to Google, Outlook or even Facebook
The Share Calendar
This allows a user to share his/her calendar to those around him/her like friends or employees

Calamander has been launched by a core team comprising entrepreneurial leader, Scott Sikora, Tech guy Derek Robbecke & User Experience Guru Celeste M. Combs. Calamander is in its Beta stage & the owners have invited feedback from users.


                                                                           Our View
Name: Calamander
Design - 2/5       Utility - 4/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 1/5     Score - 10/20