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Online disc jockey
By: Ask Bob              Aug 17, 2010
We just love it when occasionally, the orbits of the 'Real World' and the 'Web World' collide. Allow us to expand - when old world applications are re-born on the Net in a new form, we just love it. Whenever that happens, we like to write about it to update our readers. Like FilterMusic. All of you must have by now heard of online radio stations. FilterMusic, in a sense, is like the "Mother" of all online radio channels.
FilterMusic is like a gate monitor that allows the streaming in of radio station(s) music, 24X7. From the filtering of music comes the website's name. We must admit that although FilterMusic first hit the scene in late 2006, making it kinda "not a startup any more" in our books, our editorial team still gave it the go-ahead in the interests of Netizens. People should know is one of our many rules. So, what the guys at FilterMusic essentially do is to provide commercial-free (yup, you heard right) non-stop music, provided by radio channels around the world. Among its other features are 'Your own Page with your own radios' and 'Suggest a radio channel'. Don't be intimidated initially by the structure of the Home Page. As we discovered, it is fairly easy to use. And the photographs used are very, very slick, and eye catching. Initially, you need to register. Login is required every time. You may also need to install (one-time) a VLC player but the instructions are all clearly spelled out in the "How to Listen" section. FilterMusic is brought to you by a bunch of guys (whose nationality we are not quite sure because the personal description is in a non-English language; our best bet is Greek) Paul Xinas, Manos Karalakis Panos Kaitsis and Panos Papadopolous. Listen to online radio and to music from around the world while you surf really sounds adventurous.
Online multi-tasking made easy
By: Ask Bob                      Aug 12,2010

Our webspiders came across this "interesting" tool which claims to make your surfing experience much more organised. Called useKit, this one comes to you straight from the Swiss alps. The url is self-explanatory - use this kit or tool to handle simultaenous tasks on the Internet without leaving the webpage you are on. All of us how, every time you wanna multi-task while surfing, you need to open up several webpages and then, keep minimizing/maximizing them. Most irritating, right? The guys behind useKit say their tool negates all that negativity.
Launched in October 2009, useKit is, in a sense, multi-tasking within itself. You can do several things simultaneously using this tool. For example, you can use the in-built virtual "highlighter" or Tweet without leaving the page you are on. You need to drag-n-drop a bookmarklet which will make the useKit tool bar visible. Then, you can mark the particular spot on the webpage you on, post a sticky note on it to remind you of it later, and hey presto, it is done. ...and you have not moved out from the page you are on. You can also share information you have found with friends and colleagues and collaborate with them, much like a social networking site of your own. All of this which makes your Internet surfing a more fruitful and efficient experience.
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Name: useKit    
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