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Here's how you can make your personal "socialized" calling card

By: Ask Bob, Feb 5, 2011
Whilethe online community is gripped by worries about the exhaustion of the Internet Protocol Version ipv4 addresses, our webspiders (human editors, actually) continue to spend their entire time unearthing Startups that add some value to the online community (They obviously do not wanna worry too much about "the end of the Net as we know it"). Anway, the spiddies have found a calling card tool, one that allows Net users to create one virtual card that lists all their social network IDs. Anybody can make such a card using the service provided by SocializedCard; it's like, "Hey Joe, I am Tom, & this is my SocializedCard."
We all know how important virtual socializing has become these days. Be it for business or personal reasons, it looks like it has become imperative to hold an account with one Social Networking Site or the other. In fact, it is not enough to have an account with just one such Site, one needs to have accounts on multiple Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr & so on. So the next question is - How do you manage/let your contacts know of all your social IDs? Here's where a service like SocializedCard comes in.
Once a user registers, he can start making his personal social card which will hold his/her entire social identity. By sharing the card online, his/her friends can access his/her Internet profile. Thus, they can connect with the user on all social networks which he/she belongs & vice-versa.

The service started early 2010 is free & provided to by a company based in Kerala, India. SocializedCard is open to all the members of the public. Data of any social card can be accessed through an http based Api. The data is available in XML format which can be accessible by all programming languages.  All this means Blogs, Social Network Sites & all others can access the data & display their user’s entire profile on their sites.