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Facebook logs into India                                                                            Sept 30, 2010
Social site Facebook has kicked of its India operations in the Southern city of Hyderabad, as announced six months earlier. This is its 2nd international operations outside of the United States, the first being in Dublin. The Ops-Centre has about 50 staffers but Facebook has promised an expansion soon. All of the social site's global operations in the user and advertising categories shall be handled out of the Hyderabad centre. Facebook has over 15 million users, and the list is growing.
Google most attractive employer, finds gobal survey                        Sept 30, 2010
This could bring cheer to the online community. A global branding company has released its findings on the world's most attractive employers and guess what, search engine Google stands at No:1. Universum said it had surveyed nearly 130,000 students at top academic institutions in the world, asking them to chose their ideal companies. Claiming that this was the first-ever global index of employer attractiveness and highlights the world's most powerful brands. There are 2 lists: Top '50' Engineering  and Top '50' Business. In both, Google tops the list. 'Real World' research firm KPMG stands at 2nd rank in the Business list. Among the other companies in the Business list are Information Technology (IT) companies like Intel and IBM.
AOL buys off TechCrunch, associated properties                                       Sept 28, 2010
AOL formerly known as America Online on Tuesday morning announced it had bought over the entire Tech network, which means the popular tech blog TechCrunch too.  The financial details are still not out in public realm. AOL is looking at re-inventing itself as a content portal. 
Twitter speaks of Promoted Accounts                                                              Sept 28, 2010
Microblogging platform Twitter today officially spoke of its 3rd ad platform - Promoted Accounts - in New York. The microblogging platform's COO Dick Costolo spoke about it at the iab-MIXX ad conference in New York.
This is Twitter's latest move to garner more followers, and of course, bring in more revenue.
It's out. Facebook's IPO only in late 2010                                                        Sept 28, 2010
Social site Facebook's IPO will only be in 2012. Months of speculation on whenFacebook would go public came to end when Board member and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel told mediapersons that Facebook could go public in late 2012 but subject to certain revenue targets being met. Though he did not put a figure to it, Facebook is reportedly aiming to double revenue to 1.4 billion USD
Google marks 12 years of being incorporated                                      Sept 27, 2010
Today is the 12th birthday of search engine Google. Actually, today, 12 years ago, Google was incorporated as a privately held corporation. To mark the occasion, users can see the painting of a cake next to the search task bar today. This painting is by an 89-year-0ld Los Angeles artist Wayne Thiebaud some time ago, and Google has taken special permission to use it. Also, on September 22, Google launched a new blog, Google New which showcases all its new products.
After Twitter and Facebook, it was the turn of WordPress to go down.
Facebook recovers from "the worst-ever outage in over 4 years"    Sept 24, 2010
What's new on the Internet today? Social site Facebook has its hands full. On Wednesday, it suffered the 1st partial outage. Just when it had recovered from that came the news on Thursday that Facebook was down again. There were Tweets from all over the globe talking of the 2nd failure. "Looks like a DNS error", read one. This website's F-account, too, could not be accessed for a while (but now it is up). Later, a Facebook engineer called it the "worst-ever outage in over 4 years". (We presume he was referring to the 2nd incident). At about 5:29 p.m. EST, said Facebook on its own page, the site had been down for approx 2.5 hours. By way of explanation, there is a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo offered (which really makes no sense to the common netizen) but what we have understood is that the F-guys had to basically "turn off" the site. Once the problem had been solved, they then turned it on, and allowed users in, slowly at first. You can read Facebook's explanation here:  http://ow.ly/2J5dA   By Thurday night, Facebook claimed that the 2nd error had been fully fixed. Despite that, as late as 10:30 p.m (EST) Thursday, there were still Tweets and messages on other social sites by users claiming they were unable to access their Facebook Page.
Facebook down in some parts                                                                                Sept 23, 2010
Social networking site Facebook seems to be having some outages in some parts of the world since Wednesday night. A section of Facebook users have posted online messages that they are unable to log in. This is the 2nd time in 23 days that the social site has faced an outage. There is no official comment from Facebook yet. On its Twitter account though, Facebook has said there was a "problem with a 3rd party network provider but it had been solved."
Australian lad behind Twitter episode                                                Sept 22, 2010
News agency reports today said a 17-year-old Australian boy had "admitted to have unwittingly" triggered off the Twitter security episode" yesterday.
2 million downloads of IE9 in first 2 days:Microsoft                               Sept 21, 2010
Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 beta which was launched some days ago seems to have evoked interest from many in the online community.By Microsoft's own reckoning as many as 2 million downloads of IE9 took place in the first 2 days of the launch. 
Yahoo! tries to better its act                                                                                  Sept 17, 2010
Like others, Yahoo! is trying to get more "social". It has now gone and announced an upgrade to its e-mail service and Internet Search results even as news filtered in that it had, very marginally, eaten into a part of Google's Search market share in the U.S. in August 2010.
The first cut of Diaspora, Facebook's potential rival, is out            Sept 16, 2010
True to their word, the guys at Diaspora, the world's first online open source social networking site and a potential Facebook competitior, released their code on Sept 15, 2010. The event seemingly went unnoticed in the hype surrounding the release of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 browser's Beta version. So, like IE9, Netizens can now "test" Diaspora and give their feedback. Of course, needless to say, IE9 is a new-born browser while Diaspora is a social site.
Microsoft releases IE9(Beta): Initial reactions, online                     Sept 16, 2010
As we had reported on this website in August, Microsoft did release the Beta of its latest browser Internet Explorer (IE)9 yesterday. With the entry of the "mother of all Internet browsers", the Battle of Browsers has officially begun. After we reported on the release yesterday, today, our webspiders did an initial, spot survey on what the Web World is saying about the IE9. Overall, the first, and we repeat, first reaction to the browser (even from the techie guys) seems to be positive. 
Bing overtakes Yahoo in Search in U.S. market                                  Sept 16, 2010
Microsoft's Bing search engine has taken a slight edge over Yahoo! search in the U.S. market according to a report released on September 14, 2010, by research agency Nielsen. While Google continues to be topdog of the U.S. search market with just above 65% of the market share in a year-on-year comparison, Yahoo! slipped to 3rd place in August 2010 at 13.1% as against MSN/Windows Live/Bing's 13.9%. Readers may recollect that Microsoft and Yahoo! had struck a deal for Search in July last year. Under this, Microsoft Bing started powering part of Yahoo! search from start of August 2010. It may also be recalled that some time in May this year, a report by HitWise had said that Facebook had beaten Google in the Search department in March 2010. 
Here's the latest Tweet: A "re-engineered" Twitter                                           Sept 15, 2010

Microblogger Twitter has launched a "re-engineered" version on Tuesday for what it calls a "better and faster" experience. Henceforth, under each Tweet users will find information like deeper content and embedded media. A click on the individual Tweet and a panel slides out, revealing the info. 

Goodness Google Me!                                                                                                                                    Sept 15, 2010

Hey guys, guess what's new on the Internet today? Search engine Google has finally revealed its hand. All of you are aware by now that sumthing's cooking at Google, and that there was talk of it launching it's own version of a social networking platform. Some online enthusiasts had even gone ahead and named it Google Me. Here's the thing - Chief Executive Officer Eric Schmidt told a gathering of businessmen and reporters on Tuesday at the Google Zeitgeist - a seminar of high-profile personalities from all walks of life - that there is gonna be no such thing at all. He said the social networking will be built in "layers" involving core Google products, and there is not gonna be any "stand alone" social site or something like that from the Google stable. The CEO also added that the recent spate of acquisitions would continue. Internet analysts are now trying to make sense out of this "layers" statement. The Zeitgeist event has also caught the attention of the online community because of the "gifts" distributed by Google to the 600 attendees. The hamper included Sony Bravia TV sets with Google TV, which many have interpreted as a sign that the launch of Google TV service is not too far off, and could be anytime in October. Stay tuned for more updates.  

The Squid(oo) grows new tentacles                                                                     Sept 14, 2010
It's been over 4 days since the launch of SquidooPlus, a new look + more features to the publishing platform Squidoo. Unlike some of the recent, "over-the-top" revamps and re-launches like Digg, which earned it more brickbats than kudos, Squidoo's proposed move remained under wraps. Only when Squidoo+ went online on September 9 did Netizens realize that something had been cooking all the time, behind the scenes at Squidoo. Unlike the new Digg, Squidoo's act seems to have largely got the Thumbs Up from users and web surfers alike, if the online chatter is anything to go by. SquidooPlus has features like Quests, Achievements and Trophies,which we leave for you to find out. If the guys at Squidoo are to be believed, this is just the first stage - apparently there is a whole new structure being built on the existing Squidoo to make Publishers publish faster and thus more on the Web.  
GoDaddy.com up for sale?                                                                                         Sept 11, 2010
 Heard of GoDaddy. com? One of the world's oldest companies that registers domain names is up for sale if a report in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) is to be believed. Started in 1997, it manages about 43 million domains (which means almost 75% of all domain names) so it is really a big daddy of domains. The WSJ report says the privately owned company could go for as much as US1bln dollars. There is no official word from the company so watch out for developments on this front later.
Watch out for this virus                                                                             Sept 10, 2010
If you see the words - Here You Have - in the Subject part of any e-mail in your In-Box, beware and be warned. Do not open that e-mail for it has a virus. The worm contains what looks like an Adobe PDF file and the body of the e-mail has words to the effect, "Here is the file I told you about." When you open it, it takes you to a webpage hosted on a UK domain, and if you install the screensaver as requested, that's it. The worm works its way to all your e-mail contacts.Basically it mails itself to every one of your contacts obviously from your e-mail, so all your friends and contacts will assume you have sent them the e-mail. The worm has already affected thousands of computers around the world, including those of NASA, if some reports are to be believed. Anti-virus company Symantec blocked the malware on Thursday itself. So our request to all you guys out there is: Be careful.
Instant Google                                                                                                                      Sept 9, 2010
So, what's new on the Internet today? For one, the way you will search Google is about to change. The search engine has introduced a new feature called Google Instant, which has rolled out in the US, UK, Germany and other markets and will be available to the rest of the world in the coming days. Launched in San Francisco last evening, this is a new enhancement to search where Google is now trying to eliminate even the microsecond delay a user may face between typing in his key words and the results thrown up. Something like the predictive text we are so familiar with on mobile texting. So, even as you start keying in the first letters of your search word, Google Instant predicts what you are gonna write and finishes the job for you, which means you do not have to key in the entire word. For example, if you type in W, it thinks you are gonna search for Weather and so throws up all the results related to Weather, even before you have finished writing the whole word. But if it is not Weather you were looking for, you can change your keyword in the middle of the search, kinda, search on the fly. This method apparently is gonna save each Google user about 2-5 seconds. So smarter predictions and faster search is what the search major is hoping for. 
A social cause hitches on to social networking                                             Sept 8, 2010
It is very rare for our webspiders (remember, they are humans) to pause in amazement while trawling the Net. Today was one such time. They stumbled upon this near-perfect example of a Real World organisation leveraging on an online tool to get its message across. As you know, we and our webspiders just love this kinda synergy. We are talking about freerice.com   ....and, hold your breath, this non-profit website is run by none other than the United Nations World Food Programme. Duh? So what is it doing on these pages?
China's Internet users to grow exponentially                                        Sept 7, 2010
Ex-China Google chief Lee Kai-Fu has predicted that Internet users in that country could double from the present number in the next 3-5 years because of the advent of smartphones. News agency Bloomberg said he made the statement in an interview with the wire service.  Kai-Fu said Internet users could grow to about 800 million from the present 300 million. The former Google head of China has set up his own incubator firm called Innovation Works and is contemplating investing in scores of tech companies. Looks like the Indian and Chinese Internet markets are set to grow substantially. Just last week, we had reported that according to a study by the U.S.-based Boston Consulting Group, even India's internet users are set to triple by 2015.  
India's Internet market may triple by 2015: Study                                      Sept 5, 2010
What's new on the Internet today? Well, in about 5 years, India's Internet market would have tripled, according to a report by the Boston Consulting Group, a global consulting firm. At present, India has about 81 million users and this number could go up to 237 million by 2015, says the study. Indian Internet users are typically in and around metros and towns where there are many migrants from smaller places whose Net needs are narrow. Offsetting this is the prevalance of new generation of young, Internet-using Indians, the survey showed. But the number of hours spent per user per day online will not grow much by 2015 for India.
AOL renews links with Google                                                                  Sept 2, 2010
So, what's new on the Net today? AOL has decided to stick to its partnership for search with Google, coming as a dampner to Microsoft. According to news agencies, Google shall be AOL's official search partner across all its "properties". The 5-year deal includes revenue sharing between the two but details were not forthcoming. Microsoft was said to be in the running to grab this deal with AOL but Google pipped it to the finish line. AOL will now get into mobile search and YouTube, some reports suggested. 
Microsoft wants to play on Google turf in China                                Sept 1, 2010
 So guys, whats new on the Internet today? There are media reports that software giant Microsoft is keen on entering the Chinese market, especially in the Net search market. News agencies quoting a report in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) said Microsoft aims at investing $100 million dollars in Chinese companies across software and gaming.  Is Google listening?