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Have a clue to what works best for your website?
By: Ask Bob                 Sept 27, 2010
Webmasters and web designers are often at their wits' end while trying to design a new site or revamp an on-going one. Now, there is an application that will give them a clue on whether they are going down the right or wrong path. Called Clue, it is a web application that tests the memory of users, in turn helping web designers understand what is of maximum value on their website and what is not. 
Released on September 27, 2010, Clue is the latest offering from the San Francisco-based ZURB, the "interaction designers and design strategists". In the game since 1998, Zurb claims to have such high-end clients such as Facebook and Yahoo!.
The way the new web application Clue works is simple - you key in your site's URL in the task bar and soon, a test (for users) is created. The website owner/administrator then shares the test by putting it on the website, and of course matches the users' replies with the tests results. The test is valid only for 24 hours. The Clue test flashes the designated page snapshot to a user and 5 seconds later, starts asking him simple questions based on what he remembers from that particular webpage. The results helps designers/owners understand the users' first impressions, and what they are most likely to remember on their website. Based on these inputs, webmasters/administrators can then fine tune their design.
Clue is free and requires no login. It is positioned as "the younger brother" of Verify, which is a series of 7 tests (more detailed) and of course, a fee-based service. The Clue memory test can be used by any website owner, whatever his business, 'Real World' or the online world.
Web hosting tips & tricks
By: Ask Bob                 Sept 26, 2010
Potential online publishers (by this we mean website owners and bloggers) often have one question before they start off - which web hosting company to approach? Choosing the right web hosting provider is very important as in the long run, it may affect the standing of your site in Search engines, for example. To address this and many other issues, there is a Startup called Web Hosting Guruz which gives tips and some tricks in not only how to chose your site's host provider but also, among other things, issues affecting your search engine rankings.
Web Hosting Guruz, started early 2010, is like a one-stop shop for all your web hosting needs. It has various categories like Links to popular host providers, a Reviews Page and of course, the Home Page that has blog posts on almost every topic revolving around web hosting. Run by student and part-time blogger Hasan Akhtar from Pakistan, Web Hosting Guruz talks of improving your website's ranking on www.alexa.com, difference between dedicated hosting and shared hosting, and so on. 
Our View
Name: Web Hosting Guruz  
Design - 3/5       Utility - 2/5     Nav - 4/5     Download - 4/5                                Score - 13/20
Fusion of clean, reliable and legal
By: Ask Bob                                       Sept 19, 2010
Occasionally, this website does write about Startups that are on the crossroads of the 'Real World' and the Web World. By this we mean, those websites or applications or services having "dual purpose" use - catering to online and offline users. Downloading audios and videos, for example, is one such use. All of us know how difficult it is to get legal copies of movies, ad films, music on the Internet. Most of our time is spent in establishing the clip's bonafides and its copyright status. Then, of course, is the question of virus. Our webspiders have come across a Startup, Torrentfuse  that claims to be fast, clean and "highly reliable". 

TorrentFuse is all about Torrent links. (If you are unfamiliar with that, read up on it here.) It claims to have the largest database of torrent links on the web. It also claims to allow users to download these links in the shortest time and "with the least amount of hassle." It has a large collection of movies (across all genres and languages), music, video clips, software files, and so on. In fact, it has TV episodes that you can download, and a software that tracks your individual TV downloads and lets you know of the last one you saw (downloaded).

The folks atTorrentFuse claim not to have fake Torrents. They also claim to take care not to host copyrighted stuff. They say they take pains to keep their own site clean and take down illegal content and ensure that no virus popups are passed on to a user.

To accessTorrentFuse's data base, you will need to install a software called EUI or EasyUTorrent Installer. This enables you to et maximum speed while downloading the files. You will also need to register and login every time to useTorrentFuse. 

 A web-based desktop of all your fav sites
By: Ask Bob                                                           Sept 14, 2010
Looks like browser-based bookmarks are no longer glamorous. There are startups that allow an Internet user to bookmark his/her fav website, creat shortcuts to them and arrange them on a "virtual" desktop or what is officially called as a web-bsed desktop. If our readers may recall, we had written about one such startup in July this year, Favetop. Our webspiders have now come across a similar one called Skloog. This website allows you to create shortcuts to all the websites you like, organize them and access them the minute you log on to the Net.
Skloog allows a user to bookmark as many as 2000 websites. This number can be extended if a user wants by getting in touch with the site's managers. Based out of New York, USA, Skloog is free to use but one needs to register and subsequently log in. It has a default list of fav websites from which a user can chose from, or he/she can start his/her own fav websites. These are put under various categories and updated regularly. Skloog, launched late 2009, allows a user to access his/her account from any computer anywhere in the world.
Our View
Name:Skloog                                                                                                                       08/09/2010
Design - 4/5       Utility - 2/5     Nav - 4/5     Download - 4/5            Score - 14/20
Showcase your skills
By: Ask Bob              Sept 2, 2010


Our single-point commitment may be in making your online life enriching and effective but occasionally, we are hard-pressed not to write about applications/tools that cross-pollinate. Meaning: They can help you in your 'Real World' life as well. Weedle is one such service that we gonna talk about today. It is a platform that helps you display your skills to everyone and anybody online. Then, it could be a talent that could be more useful to you in 'Real Life' but that does not matter to us. What is important is that you need to use this 'online' medium to "sell" your skill to anyone who's interested.
Weedle launched it's beta version sometime in early 2010. It's tagline is simple, yet speaks eloquently about itself - Get Found by People. You can utilize Weedle to get your skills, whatever they maybe, found. It could be for any purpose too - to get a job or just to announce to the world that you have a special skill. This social utility is not just about plugging people together; it basically tries to bring join people with the same skillsets, to enable them to exchange ideas and share thoughts. So, if you are a designer, you can be a little more specific while listing yourself and call yourself a web designer or graphic designer. This helps you get noticed faster. The Weedle guys say their service also enables users to get found quicker on search engine Google for specific skills. Registration is free but you need to log in every time. You are then allotted a Weedle page which can then be shared across social networks. Weedle is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.
                                                                     Our View
Name:Weedle                                                                                                                      02/09/2010
Design - 3/5       Utility - 4/5     Nav - 3/5     Download - 4/5        Score - 14/20