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Hey, an anti-Valentine Gaming App

11/02 (07:57 IST): Valentine's Day's coming up fast. While we at this Website have nothing to do with Real World events, here's an interesting Game, which caught our eye, so we thought, what the heck...... 

Nuke Town Records has announced that it will launch its anti-Valentine's Day themed App, 'Cupid's Carnage' next week at the New York Nolcha Fashion Week, on February 14, at the ultra-chic Yotel.

The App features pop star Guinevere's new single 'FLY AWAY' & allows players to personalize their Gaming experience by pasting photos from their Social Network Facebook accounts or directly from their iPhones itself, of themselves, their exes or 'enemies' onto their characters & its targets. Players can shoot their way to the next level, achieving virtual revenge. So much for that.

As the player moves through the levels, they can collect coins to earn new weapons like missile arrows, fire arrows & ice arrows as well as unlock new remixes of 'FLY AWAY.' The launch, presented by RUSK features will give media & fashion week attendees a chance to unwind, mingle, play the game & of course meet Guinevere.

A press statement hurried to add that Guinevere does not advocate real-life violence, but a self-proclaimed gamer, she does enjoy annihilating fictional enemies in the virtual world through video games.

"It is meant to be in good fun, and an entertaining way to relieve your anger towards those who have hurt you in the past, without ever causing any real harm," says Guinevere.

Guinevere's single, 'FLY AWAY,' produced by Cirkut of Dr. Luke.

Well, so much so for Valentine's Day.

Is Zynga on verge of launching games involving real money?

08/02 (04:47 IST): Game maker Zynga, it would seem, is on the verge of launching real-money Gaming in the United Kingdom (UK), according to a report in AllThingsD.

Zynga is in a crisis & this new project may well be a new method of generating revenue for the company.

The report said as proof of the launch of real-money Gaming, 2 Websites have already gone live in the U.K. to start spreading the word. One is dedicated to poker, while the other features casino games like slots, bingo & roulette.

During Zynga’s Q4 results, the company had disclosed a new piece of information: Its real-money casino efforts will not be limited to standalone Websites. In fact, Zynga will also be leveraging the Facebook platform.

Dropbox's small but convenient update

07/02 (08:43 IST)Cloud storage service Dropbox has announced  some new features that begin to layer on more basic Content management.

There's  is a new preview feature, which allows users to preview your downloads Online, which is quite convenient. Another feature groups photos together into photo albums. Instead of having to copy the photos & putting them into a shared folder, Dropbox's new feature allows users to group photos together. Again, nothing earth-shaking but quite convenient. 

For the rest of the features, go to this URL to read up....

Twitter to enhance login process 

06/02 (06:23 IST): Perhaps fed up with constant security assaults, micro-blog Twitter has decided to step up user security by introducing a two-step login process, reports The Guardian.  

The "2FA" system, which is also offered as an option by Google for its Gmail email system, blocks access from new devices or Internet addresses, even when using the correct password, unless accompanied by a short numerical code that is sent separately to the account owner's mobile phone.
The news comes just days after the company was forced to reset the passwords to at least 250,000 accounts, after hackers broke into its systems.Twitter said it reset the passwords as a safety measure, & that it was uncertain whether the hackers had accessed them.

Facebook still planning rival to location-based App Foursquare

05/02 (06:02 IST): Social Network Facebook is reportedly planning a standalone friend-finding mobile App, something on the lines of Foursquare

A report in the Business Insider said despite the Social Network's earlier failed attempts to come out with a Foursquare counter, it had not given up its plan. The team building the app has come from acquisitions of other location Apps like Glancee & Gowalla, as well as a hire from Google.

Unlike Foursquare, which requires users to announce their location by checking in at a venue in the app, Facebook's forthcoming App may share location with friends without requiring people to take action.

Chrome, others gain grounds in Mobile Browsers

03/02 (08:01 IST)Mobile Browsers including Google's Chrome, Microsoft's IE & Amazon's Silk are fast gaining grounds in the mobile market, long dominated by 3 products. 

Apple's Safari has long held the top spot in usage share measurements by Net Applications, with 2nd place going to Google Android.

Safari had 61.0 %, the Android Browser 21.5 % & the Opera Mini 9.8 % of usage in January, measurements of which were released today.The most assured of success is Chrome, which pushed aside BlackBerry OS's Browser last November for 4th place. Chrome works on Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, or 4.1 & 4.2, aka Jelly Bean, & now ships with newer Android devices.

Micro-blog Twitter goes down again, recovers

01/02 (15:16 IST): The Next Web has just reported that micro-blog Twitter had gone down for some time today.
A report in TNW said 10 days after the last set of access problems, Twitter was once again experiencing an outage. On Thursday morning, the service started experiencing high loads & the Site began showing “over capacity” messages.
What's New On The Net did some checking of it's own. A look at DownRightNow showed that TNW report was true, Twitter did seem to behaving some trouble.