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FB launches e-Commerce feature, Gifts

28/09 (0440 hrs IST):  Business Insider reports that Social Network Facebook has just launched a new e-Commerce feature that is simply called "Gifts". Some time go, FB had acquired for US $80 million a gift buying Startup called Karma that used the Social Network to alert users of major upcoming dates in their friends' lives.
Today, Facebook launched Gifts through Karma on FB accounts in a few select US cities. Essentially, this feature allows users to gift to anyone they want things like a champagne bottle, pens, & so on.

You may catch up with the story here : http://www.businessinsider.com/facebook-just-went-heavy-into-e-commerce-2012-9#ixzz27iO5tq3K

World's 1st Porn Search Engine launched

Pornscearchengine27/09 (1820 hrs IST):  It is the world's 1st legit Porn Search Engine. ICM Registry, which is the registrar of .xxx Sites, has today launched its own Search Engine called Search.xxx.

Recently, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) had got almost 2000 applications for domains such as .cloud, .bank and .blog. At that time, it had also approved ICM’s application for the .xxx Internet domain around December last year, raising the hackles of none other than the U.S. government. There was tremendous pressure on ICM Registry not to go ahead with its plans from various other governments, too, but the requests seem to have fallen on deaf ears. 
Search.xxx is a plain vanilla Search Engine (from the design point of view) for now but interestingly offers users results that are malware free. Users can choose from 3 categories - All, Straight & Gay. The Search Engine is also optimized for mobile phones. It's free to use but you need to press a tab accepting the fact that you are 18 years of age. Typing in specific keywords related to various sex acts takes you to Websites that offer text, images & videos in those categories.  
Editor's Note: This one is sure to have everyone in the digital space & the real world howling & could provide the reason for a fresh wave of Internet censorship.
(Image: Courtesy ICM Registry) 

A new Browser enters the Russian market

27/09 (1715 hrs IST):  Russia's Internet giant Mail.Ru has launched a socially integrated Web Browser called Amigo.

Users of this Browser can follow activity & messages from friends or post to Social Networks like Facebook, & so on. The launch comes barely 6 weeks after the company revamped its ‘Internet’ Browser. According to a report in The Next Web, the update was aimed at making Net Browsing "safer".

Amigo is geared to take on competition like Opera. It comes with a bar that allows people to connect directly with Russian and International Social Networks. You can directly plug the Browser into Russian sites like Odnoklassniki & VKontakte.
The ‘Social’ Browser is initially in alpha mode & open to Beta testing. Mail.Ru has a range of Browsers in its stable & with the addition of Amigo, it is clearly trying to solidify its position in Russia’s growing market.

Don't open this email!

 26/09 (1921 hrs IST): Virus alert! Beware of any emails that claim to come from privacy@microsoft.com - you are being targeted in an attack designed to steal your AOL, Gmail, Yahoo or Windows Live passwords.

According to advisory firm Naked Security, at first glance, if you don't look too carefully, the emails entitled 'Microsoft Windows Update' may appear harmless enough. But the grammatical errors & some odd language clearly show that the emails may not really be from Microsoft.
For the rest of the story, go to this URL http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2012/09/24/microsoft-windows-update-emails-try-to-steal-your-gmail-yahoo-aol-passwords/ 

Image courtesy of [Stuart Miles] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Coming soon: The new MySpace

24/09 (2154 hrs IST): One of the earliest entertainment-centric Social Networks MySpace has just released a rather brilliant video ahead of the launch of its new look. After having acquired it from Newscorp for US $35 million about 2 years ago, new owners Specific Media are revamping the Social Site in collaboration with Justin Timberlake.
The new look has a horizontal layout with a navigation panel for controlling audio content. Photo albums can now be paired with playlists & of course, the now inevitable integration with other networks like Facebook & Twitter has been incorporated.
Here's the video:

The Social Networking "Monster"

24/09 (2154 hrs IST): How disruptive is Social Networking in people's work place? Here's an infographic by RedeApp
Social Media Monster [Infographic]
Courtesy of Red e App 

Mozilla to collect detailed feedback on Firefox

23/09 (1952 hrs IST): Mozilla has announced a feature called the Firefox Health Report (FHR) that will send data back to the company related to its Open Source Browser, Firefox, in order to help them build "a more excellent Browser.”
A Blogpost by Mozilla said the FHR would help improve performance, fix problems & let users see how their Browsing experience compares against other instances of Firefox.
The FHR will collect data on the following aspects of the browser instance:

    Configuration data – for example, device hardware, operating system, Firefox version
    Customizations data – for example, add-ons, count and type
    Performance data – for example, timing of Browser events, rendering, session restores
    Wear & Tear data – for example, length of session, how old a profile is, count of crashes

Twitter announces big design changes

18/09 (2100 hrs IST):  Micro-blog Twitter has undergone a massive change, catching many by surprise. Online reports said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dick Costello unveiled the new look for Twitter on the popular Today Show.

One of the major design changes has been brought in in the profile pages. This section now allows users to post at the top of their Twitter page  a big header photo. This is some what similar to the one used on Social Network Facebook's timeline as well as Google+ profiles.

"Starting today you can make your presence on Twitter more meaningful with new Twitter profiles," the company blog said.

The new header photo of your account can also be viewed on its mobile Apps for iPad, iPhone & Android.
Twitter for iOS & Android have also got an update, including support for new profiles & photo streams. All mobile updates have also been stripped of the ability to post images using third-party services .
You can catch up with all the changes at http://fly.twitter.com/#
See a video below by Twitter on the changes:

Browser bar Wibiya in new avtaar

15/09 (1805 hrs IST):  A report in The Next Web said Browser bar Wibiya, subsidiary of Israel's largest Internet company Conduit, has launched a new version, which it says is more personalized social bar, with emphasizes on Social sharing.
The report said the launch shows "a clear step towards more targeted, cleaner designs from the Web toolbar company."
Wibiya’s move makes that kind of personalization much more accessible.

Zuckerberg on Facebook Search, IPO &everything in between

12/09 (0459 hrs IST): So, is Social Network Facebook finally planning a Search Engine? The question reared its head once again at today's high-profile TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco, USA.
In full form at the event was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In his first post-IPO public appearance, CEO Zuckerberg addressed a packed house at the Disrupt meet where he fielded a range of free-wheeling questions about the Facebook business posed by TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington. Fielding questions that ranged from Facebook's phone to a Search Engine to it
s decision to buy photo sharing App Instagram to the Social Network's tanking of shares recently, he replied 'em all.
Here's a gist of what he said:
Search: Facebook has 1 billion queries on a daily basis, & it's basically doing that without trying

He then hinted that Facebook was going to start trying.

He said that Search was increasingly headed towards answering people's questions. Facebook, which has a trove of data on users, was "uniquely positioned" to deliver answers for users.

Facebook had a team of engineers working on improving the Search Engine.

He said, "At some point, we'll do it."
Facebook's mobile application:  Was the biggest strategic mistake we've ever made as it was originally based on a web-based software called HTML5, but it was pretty bad

In fact, Zuckerberg admitted that building Facebook's mobile app on HTML5, which was slow and clunky, was a mistake.

Facebook spent 6 to 8 months building the infrastructure to be able to build a mobile application called Faceweb. The result was an HTML5-driven app which was slow & unstable, "& really painful."

So instead of looking back, after burning two years on development time, Facebook decided to re-write the application from scratch. It built a native application that works on iPhone. Facebook was now working on an Android Application that should also catch up with the iPhone App.
Mobile: On mobile, we are going to make a lot more money than on desktop
Zuckerberg said that mobile was everything, & that it would surpass desktop as far as future ad revenue.
Instagram:The right decision...registered users go past 100 million
The Facebook CEO said the network was focused on supporting photo sharing App Instagram’s growth, following the approx US $750 million deal to buy the App.

Zuckerberg said their mission with Instagram was to help them grow to hundreds of millions of users. “We have no agenda with making them go onto infrastructure.” 
(Source: Techcrunch.com)

GoDaddy client websites come back online

11/09 (1850 hrs IST):  A large number of websites, especially those owned by small businesses around the globe, went down for around 4 hours on Monday when hackers got into the servers of GoDaddy.com.

While initially it was thought that the well-known group of hackers, Anonymous could have been behind it, it turned out to be another group, probably an individual, called Anonymous Own3r.

According to some online reports, GoDaddy spokeswoman Elizabeth Driscoll said the GoDaddy.com website was back up and service was restored for the bulk of its customers. The company said there was no loss of sensitive customer information.

A new "Social" Contest

11/09 (0629 hrs IST): There's a contest to promote getting Social on the Internet. The .ME Registry, operator of the .ME domain name extension, has announced the 'You're Not a .com, You're a .ME' Social Media contest.
The contest will run from Sept. 17-21, said a release by PR Newswire. All participants who take part on a daily basis will receive a complimentary, one year .ME domain name registration. Three grand prize winners will receive a Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera. The .ME Registry will announce grand prize winners on micro-blog Twitter during the week of Oct. 1.

"Thousands of .ME domain names are registered every month as an alternative to .com by people who want to show the world that they are a person, not a corporation," said Predrag Lesic, Chif Executive Officer of the .ME Registry. "We invite people everywhere to join us on Twitter for a chance to secure their preferred .ME domain name before it's taken by someone else."

A .ME domain name is the Web address for people who want to stand out on the Internet. Additionally, .ME domain names are commonly used as part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online reputation management & Web branding strategies. Check the availability of a .ME domain name at www.Domain.Me.

Entering the contest is as easy as following .ME on Twitter & re-tweeting the .ME contest tweet daily throughout the contest period. Everyone who follows .ME on Twitter & re-tweets the contest tweet once a day will receive a complimentary .ME domain name registration. Grand prize winners will be selected from the pool of all participants. Complete rules are posted on the .ME website.

The .ME Registry was chosen by the government of Montenegro to operate the new .ME domain name extension. .ME Registry partners include ME-net, GoDaddy.com & Afilias Limited. Me-Net is located in Montenegro.

Evernote's new notes

08/09 (2013 hrs IST): Note taking & sharing service Evernote today announced sharing improvements across the board for its Web, Mac & Windows Apps.
Among the many changes, premium users now have a new sharing option that lets them grant others the ability to re-share a notebook. For example, let’s say you’re working with another department at your company. You share a notebook with the head of that department. With the new functionality, you can share that notebook with individuals within the group. In order to do this, the notebook owner must be a Premium user, though.
These guys have also gone & changed the sharing interface. Now, all the buttons & labels are clearer, & has improved usability of the menus & screens.
You can catch up with the changes at this URL http://blog.evernote.com/2012/09/07/evernote-sharing-improvements-new-design-permissions-and-re-sharing/

Twitter introduces embeddable tweet timeline

06/09 (1212 hrs IST): Micro-blog Twitter has introduced a new tool that will allow you to embed all your tweets on your Site. 
According to a post by Twitter, whether it’s an author’s tweets alongside their Blog or a hashtag about an event, tweets add a live, real-time dimension to articles, news reports, & the Web at large. The new embeddable timelines will enable publishers, writers, developers, & other Twitter users to drop a rich, interactive piece of Twitter into their Websites.

Internet users, while browsing Websites that have embedded Twitter timeline, can now interact with it in the same way as they do on twitter.com. They can also expand tweets to see photos, media, start a conversation from the tweet box, follow users that they discover, & reply to, retweet, or favorite tweets directly from the page.

Baidu's Android Browser

04/09 (0810 hrs IST): The Next Web reports that Baidu, China's version of Search Engine, Google, has launched a speedier version of its Browser specifically for Google Android devices. It's called Baidu Explorer.

Baidu's Android Browser was launched at a meeting of the Baidu World Forum, claimed the report. The Search Engine has claimed that the Browser runs 20% faster than rivals.

Pause your emails

03/09 (0628 hrs IST): There's now a 'Pause' button for your emails. Yes, someone has finally developed such a plug-in in order to make the lives of Gmail users (for now) a little easier.
The Inbox Pause needs to be downloaded. Once done, it adds the Pause button to your Gmail. If you click on that tab, all your in-coming emails stop coming in. They are held under a special tab, till you decide to "unpause" them. If the user wants, a message can also go out to the email senders that their emails will not be delivered to you Inbox. 
The Pause button may prove to be an effective tool to weed out spam mails, among other uses. It's been developed by email wizards, Boomerang for Gmail.  

Your Facebook details through the eyes of WolframAlpha

01/09 (0706 hrs IST): Computational knowledge engine WolframAlpha has launched a feature that allows users to get an overview of all your data on Social Network Facebook.
Though known for its expertise on knowledge domains, WolframAlpha has now got into personal data analytics. Which essentially means this knowledge engine drives your quest to find out which are the words you often use on your FB status, who Likes your updates, your Apps activity, & other such details.
The man behind this humungous project, scientist Stephen Wolfram writes on his Blogpost, "It's pretty straightforward to do this. Just type 'Facebook report' into the standard WolframAlpha Website." Before you do that, the 1st time, you will be asked to authenticate your WolframAlpha App in FB.