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Google's 2nd attempt to push it's TV

30/10 (0647 hrs IST): Google Inc unveiled a revamped version of its Google TV service on Friday, announcing features aimed at making the product easier-to-use & obviously more appealing to consumers.
The 2.0 version of Google TV has new tools for recommending movies, TV programs & online videos to TV viewers. It will also make it easier for software developers to create new Apps for the television screen. Google TV currently comes built-in on certain Sony Corp television models & on Logitech International set-top boxes. It allows consumers to access online videos & websites on their TVs, as well as to play with specialized Apps such as video games, so also access to the Android Apps market. Maybe by next week, owners of Google TV will start receiving their software updates.
So, the next question is - what's the buzz on the Web about this "re-launch"?
Over, the chatter seems bordering on the skeptical. Because of the "luke-warm" response at its launch last year, many experts have adopted the "wait & watch" attitude on V2.0.
We give below links to some of the Online reports following the re-vamp announcement:

Beluga's being replaced with Facebook Messenger

29/10 (1731 hrs IST): Does anyone remember Beluga? It was quite a well-known Group Messaging Service & was acquired by Social Networking Site Facebook this March. Well, as of Nov. 11, 2011, Beluga users will not be able to send any messages from here. That's because it's been decided to shut down this Startup by Dec 15, 2011.
If you want to keep your Beluga messages, you can download them by Dec. 15. A Blogpost today by Team Beluga explained that Beluga was been shut down because of the Facebook Messenger App which has been launched across the globe in 22 langauges. It has all the features of Beluga because of which one of the has to be shut down. And so Beluga bites the dust.

Beluga was launched by ex-Googlers Lucy Zhang, Ben Davenport & Jon Perlow in December 2010.

Facebook testing new features to protect user accounts against hackers

29/10 (0830 hrs IST): Social Site Facebook has just announced a feature called Trusted Friends. This will help users when their accounts are hacked or some one makes an unlawful entry into their accounts. that lets you pick three to five friends to share a key code with in case you lose access to your account.

Facebook posted a BlogPost saying the new feature was like giving a house key to a friend.

Facebook also announced App Passwords, a new security measure that lets users assign individual passwords to specific 3rd-party Apps tey use. These 2 new features are being tested over the coming weeks & shall launch soon. 

New features added to Google+

28/10 (0740 hrs IST): The launch of more Social Networking Sites may be the reason why Google+ is announcing new features. It has now added 3 more -  What's Hot on Google+, Ripples & a built-in photo editor.
The 1st, What's Hot On Google+, is simply a listing of those posts that are getting a lot of hits. Users will see a link to it when they scroll down past their new posts on the service.

The next one - Ripples - is in the experimental phase. It gives all users a graphic way to check out how posts are being spread virally. You can select any public post, then choose the View Ripples option to track who shared the post with whom.

Google has also added a built-in photo editor - Creative Director - & made Google+ available to Google Apps users.
Full details are available at this blogpost -  http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/google-popular-posts-eye-catching.html?nr_email_referer=1%29
Check out the video:


1st there was Livestream, now there is also New Livestream 

27/10 (1845 hrs IST): Real time event coverage platform Livestream has announced a new platform in Beta called New Livestream. The latter will retain all the same video features of Livestream but will have enhanced features like a suite of social & multimedia tools. Users and event hosts will now be able to combine streaming coverage with real-time photos, messages, social posts & video. 
CEO Max Haot has said in a signed statement that he would be publicly launching New Livestream at the Dublin Web Summit on Oct 28. The earlier platform Livestream will continue as it is, it will not be affected. 
Check out the product video by clicking on http://new.livestream.com/pages/about/launch_video 

Sit in your home & Network with your neighbour

27/10 (0942 hrs IST): After connecting the World, Social Networks may have just decided to go local. Well, at least that's what newly launched Network Nextdoor claims to have done. Nextdoor is a Social Network that launched yesterday & is the "1st private Social Network for your neighbourhood."

The US launch of Nextdoor is being reported on the Internet as a "modern age variation" of the town square or backyard fence. Nextdoor is free to use. The only caveat is that users must verify who they are & that they live in the real-world location that falls within the limits of the online neighborhood they wish to join.
The Blogpost announcing the launch says "over the last year, we’ve had the honor of working closely with hundreds of neighborhoods across the country to develop a new kind of social networking service."
Here's what you can do with Nextdoor:

• Track down trustworthy babysitters, plumbers, and dentists
• Get the word out about break-ins and other safety concerns
• Organize neighborhood garage sales, BBQs, and block parties
• Ask for assistance in finding lost pets and missing packages
• Create emergency response plans to prepare for crisis situations

Maps atop Nextdoor pages show layouts of a neighborhoods, with green plots symbolizing members & red showing non-members. Members can click on any plot to see who lives there and have Nextdoor send them an invitation postcard.
The thought may be noble, but for god's sake, do we really need an Online neighbourhood Network when all that you need to do is go across & speak to your neighbours!

Switch your Blogger profile to Google+ profile

26/10 (1642 hrs IST): The guys at Google Blogger have announced that users can now use their public Google+ profile on all their existing BlogSpot blogs. Upon switching, your default Blogger profile will be replaced with Google+ profile. Your Blog photo & other details will be replaced with that of Google+ This option currently exists with Blogger in draft but after a few days, will work on blogger.com also.

Eastern European Conference - 'How to Web' starts Nov 9

23/10 (1048 hrs IST): The 'How to Web' conference is scheduled to begin in Bucharest, Romania, from Nov 9. This event is open to all - Entrepreneurs, developers, geeks, Web specialists. For 2 days, 'How to Web' puts audiences in front of leading entrepreneurs & specialists for discussions on innovation, Web trends, business analysis & high-tech technologies.
The organizers said over 35 top international speakers & panelists while over 750 attendees have confirmed participation for the event, already. Subjects that will be discussed are 'Android-Opportunities & Challenges & 'Early Stage Investments: Tips &Tricks on Business Valuation'.
If you run a Startup in Central & Eastern Europe, you may submit it but only if you fulfil the below criteria:
* It should be less than 2 years old
* Startup can come from anywhere in Central & Eastern Europe but need to target a global or international market
* Enterepreneurs must have a concrete product to show on stage & give users for testing at the conference
* They mustn't have raised any VC funding until the present moment.
For more info, here's the link http://how-to-web.net

Looking through the key hole at Proliphiq

21/10 (1959 hrs IST): Our invite to take a sneak peek at Proliphiq, an upcoming Social Media Search tool, before it's officially launched some time later this month, landed yesterday in our Inbox. We sent 1 of our Web Spiddies (human editors) for a spin.

Soon, Net users shall rap to a new Search 

21/10 (0823 hrs IST): Remember, rapper M C Hammer? This 49-year-old has turned quite a Nerd in the ;ast few years, & he's justa luving the Net ( our kinda guy). Well, M C has in the past too announced several Startups.
Now, the rapper has gone ahead & unveiled his upcoming Search Engine, WireDoo, at the Web 2.0 2011 Summit. Set to officially launch sometime in December, WireDoo is currently in pre-beta & as of now, asks all those who click in to sign up for email alerts when the service becomes ready to use.

Watch this space for updates.



 Chime.in launched

18/10 (2300 hrs IST): UberMedia, the world's well-known & independent developer of feature-rich Social Media Applications today launched Chime.in, a new Social Media platform organized around "interests".
Although in Beta, we have already obtained a 1st hand look of the Site & we must admit, we have come away impressed. Every thing seems set from the word 'Go' here. We are already part of Chime.in & have 10 invites to be given away so all of our readers interested in getting one may quickly write to us at tellus@whatsnewonthenet.com
A press release by MarketWire said Chime.in solves the growing "relevance problem" in Social Media, with "breakthrough functionality" that allows users to surface and interact with the best Content related to their interests. Additionally, Chime.in will be the first Social Media platform that allows anyone -- a publisher, brand, or individual -- to share in the revenue generated by their Content.

The release said major partners joining the launch of Chime.in include entertainment brands E! Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Studios & Bravo, as well as Redfin, the leading technology-powered real estate brokerage. Comcast Ventures is also joining the launch with a strategic investment in Chime.in parent company UberMedia.

"Social media is the future of all electronic content and transactions," said Bill Gross, CEO of UberMedia. "It will be everywhere, just like oxygen. However, now that a billion people are using social media, it's easy to get lost in a sea of content that's irrelevant to you. Chime.in, by focusing on your interests, and not just people, makes it much more relevant and engaging."
(The question that comes up immediately is - Does the Internet World need one more Social Network?)

Click here to catch up on the details

Chime.in - new player in the Social Networking sphere to be launched later today

18/10 (2054 hrs IST): Very soon, in fact later today, a new Social Network will be born. Called Chime.in (at least that is the name floating on the Web), this one is a new "baby" from the house of UberMedia. Chime.in, say online reports, is gonna be a combination of micro-blog Twitter, Social Network leader Facebook & a few others thrown in. Some have dubbed it as a "practical Social Site".
UberMedia CEO Bill Gross has denied all such theories & instead said in Web interviews that his Social Network tackles problems far different from Twitter or Facebook. Some where else, he has described Chime.in as an “interest network.”
Whatever it may be, every thing sounds pretty exciting so watch this space for updates.

Web 2.0 2011 Summit gets underway

18/10 (0747 hrs IST): The much-awaited Web 2.0 2011 Summit got underway at San Francisco, USA. The Summit (formerly named Web 2.0 Conference) is an annual event that connects business leaders, thinkers & innovative technologists who are shaping the future of the Web. Over 1000 delegates are attending the 2011 edition.
Napster co-founder & Facebook investor Sean Parker inaugurated the event, & let in a secret that his new Startup (in stealth mode) is called Airtime. Cohost John Batelle asked Parker about the New York Post story that Mark Zuckerberg & he had fought over Spotify, to which Parker said the story was "irrelevant & false". Regarding Spotify, he said that it should be viewed by the music industry as a huge boon because it aids discovery at no additional cost of marketing or production.
Web 2.0 Summit is produced by Federated Media, O'Reilly Media & UBM TechWeb, & moderated by John Battelle, Program Chair, & O'Reilly CEO and founder, Tim O'Reilly.  Since 2004, Web 2.0 Summit has become the gathering place for international leaders of the new Web, who gather to discuss and debate the most important issues, strategies & disruptions driving the Internet economy.

Ubuntu releases 11:10 version

16/10 (1831 hrs IST): Early September we had reported on this very pages that the Beta version of Operating System (OS) Ubuntu 11.0 was launched. 
Today, we let you know that  the 11.10 was officially released. This version comes equipped with more enhancements as compared to the previous versions including the Ubuntu Software Centre which gives you instant access to 1000s of Apps, the Dash, which is a shortcut to Apps & programs. For more, click here.

Google+ has 40 million users

14/10 (0641 hrs IST): New kid on the Social Networking block Google+ has 40 million users, the company said today. It did not clarify though how many of 'em were active users.
Of late, the Web community has been giving some flak to Google+ for failing to live up to promise. Some even saying it was no challenge to its stiffest competitor Facebook. 

LinkedIn grows in UK while YouTube drops traffic

13/10 (1321 hrs IST): Professional networking site LinkedIn has increased its market share of UK Social Networking visitors while YouTube lost some traffic in September, according to a survey released by  digital market analysts Experian Hitwise.

The data shows that Facebook remained the top Social Networking Site with a 51.94% share of visits to Social Networks by UK users in September, up 3.08% from August.  Besides Facebook, the other Social Networking Site to register an increase in traffic from August was LinkedIn, up by 0.13%.

YouTube though, experienced a 1.05% month-on-month drop in traffic, reducing its total market share to 22.50%, the study showed.

Sony thwarts hackers attempts, yet again

12/10 (1311 hrs IST): Sony has said it had thwarted attempts by a 3rd party to sign in to & access 93,000 active accounts on its PlayStation & other networks this month.

According to a report by new agency Reuters, the company said it had frozen the accounts & informed affected customers by email.
In a BlogPost, Sony Group's Chief Information Office Phillip Reitinger has said Sony had detected attempts on Sony Entertainment Network, PlayStation Network & Sony Online Entertainment (“Networks”) services to test a massive set of sign-in IDs & passwords against it's network database. These attempts appeared to include a large amount of data obtained from one or more compromised lists from other companies, sites or other sources. He said steps had been taken "to mitigate the activity".

Reitinger further said less than one tenth of 0.1% of Sony's PSN, SEN & SOE audiences may have been affected.
If you wanna catch up with more of the details, here's the link to the Post

10 new products from the house of Zynga

12/10 (0856 hrs IST): Social Games developer Zynga launched 10 "products" at its "Unleashed" press event at its San Francisco HQ on Tuesday. Included were CastleVille & a first look at what Zynga calls 'Project Z'.

The new games include Mafia Wars II, CastleVille, casual hidden-objects game Hidden Chronicles... + several mobile titles.

'Project Z' is a 2-year project to build a platform for a direct relationship with consumers, whether it be in desktop or mobile. The Zynga blog said, "We’re lucky to have fantastic social platforms as partners and we continue to focus on bringing more games to mobile devices and to players all over the world. What we’ve found from talking to our players is that they want to play online with friends who love the same games, and they want to connect with others who are playing at that very moment. We call that the promise of instant social, and today we’re taking a big step towards it with the announcement of “Project Z,” a new social games service from Zynga, enabled by Facebook Connect."

Beginning today, players can reserve their gamer identity tags, called zTags, by visiting http://www.Zynga.com. Players will own zTag & it will travel with them between games on the 'Project Z' service. 'Project Z' is browser-based.

Also taking advantage of Facebook's latest launch of its iPad App, Zynga also launched 3 HTML 5 versions of its games, in conjunction with the new platform.

Beware! Look-alike Twitter accounts are stealing your passwords, even as Twitter goes about resetting "hijacked" passwords

11/10 (1405 hrs IST): Buffer, a Blog that gives out tips about micro-blog Twitter, has said the latter is re-setting passwords for thousands of accounts after having found them "hijacked". According to this BlogPost, if you have ever logged into Twitter but never checked the URL, you may have logged into  a fake site which, in turn, stole your password. But if Twitter has detected that you have sent links to a fake Twitter site that steals passwords, they assume you have been 'hijacked". So many people have recently had their passwords reset.
Basically, if you get messages like

    “Someone is saying really nasty stuff about you here”
    “Automated DM, You are tweeting too much”
    “Read this, it says really bad stuff about you”
    “Saw a real bad blog about you”
    “Lol! Is this you in this pic?”
....these are from fake Twitter accounts. If you’ve ever clicked on a link from one of these messages, you will have found yourself at a fake Twitter login page. If you have logged in one one such Page,  your password was deemed stolen.
If you want to read the entire Post, here's the link:

Facebook acquires friend.ly

11/10 (0857 hrs IST): Social Network Facebook has acquired friend.ly, a Site that lets people answer questions within their social network. Started 2 years ago, friend.ly was aimed at "enhancing the experience of Social Media users", & to meet new people Online through questions. Now, this Site has been acquired by Facebook, according to a post on friend.ly blog.  

Facebook now allows translations on Pages

07/10 (1815 hrs IST): Social Network Facebook has implemented a new tool that will now throw up translations on its Pages with a single click.

This is an opt-in service. Using it, FB users can get translations from languages they do not understand, on individual posts on Facebook Pages, including Comments. A comment posted on your Wall in German can now be translated into English using the new service. The new feature works only on Pages, but not on Profiles

Steve Jobs, R.I.P (1955-2011)


06/10 (0651 hrs IST): The man who took Apple Inc to new heights & was instrumental in its global branding, Steve Jobs, is no more. He was 56. In a statement released to the media, his family has said Steve died peacefully at Palo Alto, California, USA, surrounded by family including his wife. The statement further said a Website would be setup for all those wishing to offer tributes.

Steve Jobs has been battling pancreatic cancer since 2004. He resigned as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) this August.
The family statement also thanked all those people who shared their prayers in the last year of Steve's life.
Steve was the co-founder of Apple Inc, & was hailed as one of the world's greatest entrepreneurs.

His death was announced by Apple. Condolence messages from entrepreneurs, world leaders, competitors including US President Barack Obama, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates & Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, have started pouring in.
We bring you reportage from the Web World on Steve's Jobs demise:

Google ranking affected 

05/10 (2011 hrs IST): If you are a Website owner & suddenly find your Google rank dropping, don't fret.  Google, according to Online reports, has updated its Search Engine algorithm, codenamed Panda, to version 2.5, affecting the rankings of Websites around the world.

The update is the 1st in nearly 2 months, marking one of Google's longest periods between Panda updates this year.

Firefox Aurora Browser released for testing

04/10 (1549 hrs IST): While Google Chrome creeps up to Internet Explorer in market share, Firefox has released it's latest version Firefox 9 Aurora  for testing. Very quickly, the new features include a JavaScript interface for Do-Not-Track, a dedicated camera UI for mobile devices & changes for HTML5. The download is available in over 30 languages. 
Here's the link for all of you who wanna download the Aurora.

Ex-Google employees work on a data analysis Startup

03/10 (1549 hrs IST): Former Google employees Jake Quist & Tyler Neylon have teamed up & are working on a Startup called Zillabyte. The mission of the new Site is to "make data analysis easy & intuitive."

The Site's 'About Us' section says 'data is an increasingly important part of our lives, yet accessing and making use of that data remains a serious challenge. Zillabyte’s founding goal is to reduce those barriers and help our customers gain value from the world of data."

Both Jake & Tyler, were of the view that many of Google’s internal data-processing tools were not available outside the Googleplex. After sharing this insight with Peter, a "friend from the machine learning community", the two realized that data processing in general was much more complicated than it needs to be. Hence the need to form Zillabyte with a mission to make data analysis accessible to everyone. Access to this Startup for a sneak preview is by invitation only.

Explorer down, Chrome up in Sept

02/10 (1050 hrs IST): Microsoft Browser Internet Explorer continues to loose market share. Google's Chrome continues to gain from it. Mozilla Firefox continues to stagnate. In September, Net Applications report, Explorer usage share was 54.39%, down from 60.35% in November 2010. Firefox fell to 22.48% from 23.52% during the same time period. September was the 4th consecutive month when Firefox slipped. Chrome usage share rose to 16.2% from 9.57% from November to September, consecutively gaining share for all 11 months.
Click here to check out the data