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Tumblr crosses the 20 billion posts mark

29/03 (0704 hrs IST): Tumblr Bloggers have contributed over 20 billion posts since it launched in 2007. The company tweeted the same yesterday, saying the milestone was reached on Monday night. Tumblr had hit the one billion-mark in August 2010.

Tumblr’s format favors creating new works rather than collecting old ones. The idea is to browse through topics that interest you & discover Content written by Bloggers. 

Link to Google Play

26/03 (0538 hrs IST): Google's first steps into turning into a portal? The Search Page black toolbar now has a link to Google Play & appears on all Google sites.

Last month, Google had combined the Android Market with Google Music & Google Books into a new service called Play.

Baidu launches Cloud storage

25/03 (1256 hrs IST): China's well-known Search Engine Baidu has launched a Cloud storage platform called Baidu WangPan – meaning ‘web disk’ in Chinese.

WangPan will allow users to upload files – photos, mp3, videos, Apps, text, etc, on to the Cloud to be stored there. It is giving out 15GB of space Free to first time subscribers.

Angry Birds Space is an out of the world game, say players

24/03 (0530 hrs IST): Rovio, the Finland-based makers of the Social Game Angry Birds, should be ecstatic with this piece of news. Yesterday, the Gaming company released a new Game called Angry Birds Space, & within 24 hours, its become a raging hit Online say many reports. 
The new game, which has been developed with the help of NASA, takes the battlefield to space & sees the trajectory of the launched birds altered by the gravity of nearby planets. According to www.news.co.au, the sequel is already in the top ranks of the iTunes chart.  


Coming soon: Yet another Q&A Startup

21/03 (0433 hrs IST): The Internet community's participation in yet another Online Q&A Startup is what this new player called Balloonduck is banking upon. It has stilll not been launched; its in private Beta, but if you wanna find out what it is all about, just go ahead & key in your email address & perhaps, you may get an invite to join this US-based Startup
When you go to the 'About Us' column on Balloonduck, it says the Startup will allow you to speak to the community through Requests. Each Request will be packaged with appropriate images & a return email address & will then be put up before the Online community, thus launching itself on a journey of self discovery. 
We have asked to be invited, so watch this space for more.

 Launch your Startup here

18/03 (0928 hrs IST): Here's another opportunity for Startups to meet entrepreneurs & make a pitch. 'LaunchCapeTown', a five-day event in Cape Town, South Africa, aims to bring together Startups, entrepreneurs & experts/mentors in the digital world. The event starts on March 23.
There are several sections to this event including entrepreneurial competitions that allows you to win some prizes, so also sessions where well-known speakers will address the attendees on crucial aspects of Starting Up & mentoring.

The competition segment of the event will focus on digital innovation & will see Startups fight it out for the attention of a panel of experts.

The top 5 companies in each of the two categories - Idea stage & Growth stage - will be invited to participate in the mentoring, pitching & coaching weekend, at the end of which the CTEC 2012 winners will be announced. Entries close March 20.

TUE 20 MAR – CTEC 2012 Applications close
FRI 23 MAR – TECHBash & Finalists announced – Open RSVP
SAT 24 MAR – Mentor Camp & CTEC 2012 – Finalists only
SUN 25 MAR – Mentor Camp & CTEC 2012 & Winners announced – Finalists only
SUN 25 MAR – Awards Ceremony: Winners announced – Finalists & Media
MON 26 MAR – Open Workshops & Mentor Camp – Open RSVP
TUES 27 MAR – Growth Track Coaching – Winners only

There are cash prizes up for grabs from sponsors such as Samsung, Activa & Telkom.
Click here for details. 

Pinterest is transformed

17/03 (1659 hrs IST): Pinterest has had its 1st make-over.

It is a more streamlined look that users see when they go to the Site. Elements previously positioned on the side of the page have been moved to the top to give photos and content greater prominence.

Online reports seem to suggest that the new layout bears more than just a passing resemblance to Facebook’s new profile pages, but we leave that judgement to our readers.

Google I/O on June 27

14/03 (0824 hrs IST): Google Inc has announced the date for its prestigious I/O conference - it will be held between June 27-29. For those of you not familiar with this conference, this is a meeting place for developers & geeks but Google often announces some big ticket items from this platform, too ( after all, can you resist such a captive audience?) This year, the event will be held in San Francisco's Moscone Center. Past events have taken place in May, and have lasted only one or two days.

The Android was announced here 1st in 2008 while Google Music in 2010. 
Google has launched a separate Website for the event coverage.  

Vote for the best Startup

13/03 (1954 hrs IST): All of you by now must be familiar with the London Web Summit which this year will be held on March 19. Over 700 attendees, from Google to Nokia to Facebook have confirmed attendance. What makes this event even more interesting this year is the People's Choice awards for Startups from Europe. Any one and every one can vote for any of the 150 Startups that have made it to the shortlist; voting is anonymous. And hurry, because voting ends on March 14 by 6:00 p.m.

Facebook up and running 

13/03 (1427 hrs IST): Facebook has recovered after suffering an outage that lasted around 6 hours. The cause for the downtime is still not known as the Social Network has not said what had gone wrong. This was the 2nd major outage in the last one week. 

Facebook continues to be down

13/03 (1039 hrs IST): Facebook has now been down for over 6 hours (average). What started as a trickle has turned into a flood of complaints from users across the globe, especially India & Europe. This Website was among the 1st to report the outage (see 1st report below). Users can access the Social Network on their mobiles, though. There's still no official word from Facebook, even as chatter on the Net referred in dark humor to the "purported closure of FB on March 15".
Here's one post by a user http://www.decryptoblog.com/2012/03/is-facebook-shutting-down-on-13-march.html

Twitter grabs Posterous

13/03 (0646 hrs IST): Micro-blog Twitter has just acquired Posterous, a Blogging service, sparking off speculations across the Internet community on the future plans of Posterous Spaces. The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed. Both companies announced the acquisition on their respective company blogs.

Posterous Spaces was an early competitor to Tumblr. It not only allows users to post text but also share video & pix with others. A post on Posterous’ website said the product “will remain up and running without disruption."

Twitter, on the other hand, has said on its post there will be instructions on how to back up Content in the coming weeks.

Facebook erratic in many parts of the world

13/03 (0545 hrs IST): Complaints have started coming in from across the globe that Social Network Facebook is down. There's no official word from Facebook yet though. 
Here are 2 Sites that monitor the uptime of Facebook & what their records are showing:

French team takes down IE 9

10/03 (0533 hrs IST): After Google Chrome, it was the turn of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9.

The Microsoft Browser was hacked at the CanSecWest Pwn2Own hacking competition by a team from the French research firm Vupen. The hackers were able to run code outside the Browser's Protected Mode sandbox, a security feature meant to contain malicious code. They were thus able to take control of a fully-patched Windows 7 machine.

Pwn2Own, held every year at the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, tests hackers to find vulnerabilities in four Web Browsers — Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox. The contest is based on a points system.

Russian university student hacks into Google Chrome, walks away US $60,000

09/03 (1933 hrs IST): He is a Russian, a university student & a regular contributor to Google’s bug bounty program. Today, he's richer by US $60,000.  According to Online reports & a Google tweet, Sergey Glazunov hacked into a fully patched Windows 7 machine (64-bit) using a remote code execution vulnerability/exploit in Google’s Chrome Web Browser.

We will not get into the technical details but suffice to say the cash prize was part of Google’s new Pwnium hacker contest which is being run this year as an alternative to the more well-known Pwn2Own challenge.

Facebook acquires an eye tracking Startup

09/03 (0706 hrs IST): Facebook has acquired eye tracking service GazeHawk for an undisclosed sum. According to an announcement on the Website by Brian Krausz, co-founder of GazeHawk, while working on the Startup, they attracted the attention of the Facebook team, "who were impressed with our ability to build out a powerful technology and platform." The sentiments were reciprocated by the GazeHawk team & so they decided to join Facebook.

GazeHawk uses your web cam for eye tracking your movements on the Net. The technology is mostly used for companies doing case studies. 

GazeHawk went through Y Combinator in the summer of 2010.

Anticipation, excitement, slight disappoinment greets the arrival of the new (never to be named?) iPad

08/03 (0751 hrs IST): So, what is the Online Community & the rest of the world saying about Apple Inc's latest product, the new iPad?
To begin with here are some adjectives used by the Press & Online reviewers:
iPad may be a 4G game changer- Canada.com
New Apple tablet just new enough - Brisbane Times
Apple tries to keep edge - Wall Street Journal
It being the iPad, there are few negative comments. Overall, the sense is that yes, it's a new product, yes, it leverages on the 4G technology & will be an extremely fast machine but well, it's still not for the absolute masses the way its priced. There was talk also about it being a little thicker & heavier but the new Retina Display is something that almost everyone is looking forward to.
At an event on Wednesday in San Francisco, Apple's Chief Executive Tim Cook & members of his team unveiled the third in the series of iPads.
The lack of a name, too, generated some humor on Social Networks. But maybe, that's the way Apple will go now, simply calling it "the new iPad" rather than applying a specific name for the product.
The 3rd iPad will be available starting March 16 in the U.S. and 10 other countries.

We provide you links to some of the reports on the new iPad:

Apple announces a new iPad

07/03 (1155 hrs IST): The long wait was finally over when Apple Inc today unveiled a new iPad.

Among other features, the new tablet will have a resolution 2048 by 1536 pixels. It is powered by a new A5X chip with improved graphics performance. Chief Executive Tim Cook claimed at a Press meet at Apple's California HQ that the new machine will be "redefining the category that Apple created".

The new iPad also features a 5-megapixel camera sensor & will be able to run on 4G networks where the service is available.
Click here to read the rest of the story

Scrabble on Twitter, anyone?

06/03 (0708 hrs IST): It's supposed to promote the game of Scrabble but the idea sure looks like a long lasting one. TwitterScrabble is a promo to announce the board game of Scrabble Trickster. You need obviously to have a Twitter account to play it. Participants are asked to write the highest scoring ScrabbleTweet with a 100 random characters. Everyday, the highest scorer wins a Scrabble Trickster game.
Check out the video below
Just one thing - the Twitter Scrabble promo is in German.

PinPuff tracks your Pinfluence on Pinterest

 03/03 (0620 hrs IST): Whenever new Social Networking Sites come Online, it is now a trend to have some Startups that add some kinda value to it.
So, following the success of Pinterest, there's a Startup now called PinPuff that acts as a new social scoring system & allows fans to calculate their Pinfluence - a new measure that checks the influence and reach of design lovers on Pinterest. PinPuff does not have any direct relation with Pinterest as in it is not owned or a subsidiary.

Like the other influence measurement agency, Klout, PinPuff ranks users on a 100-point scale. The metrics for the image-based site are similar to those on Facebook or Twitter. But the people behind PinPuff do not like being called a "Klout for Pinterest" as that it just one feature in their Startup, they claim.
In addition to the score, Pinfluence also estimates the dollar value generated by the pins. Companies can use the platform for managing campaigns on Pinterest or for tracking high-performing Pinterest users.

Baidu to include Sina Weibo's posts

02/03 (2040 hrs IST): China's leading Search Engine Baidu today said it would be including posts from the country’s wildly popular microblogging service Sina Weibo in its search posts.

Baidu said in its BlogPost, “Baidu will now return up-to-date Sina Weibo content that matches keyword searches for breaking news or popular trending topics”.

Baidu claims that it will also show results from “the other three major Chinese internet major portals’ microblog services”.

“Users can click on ‘Newest Microblog Results’… on their results page to see additional relevant microblog content from the four major portals’ respective microblog services” it adds.

Zynga gets itself a Website

02/03 (0919 hrs IST): Online Gamers, here's some news for you. Zynga has launched Zynga.com, an Online site separate from Facebook where Zynga lovers can play games. In addition, 3rd party developers can can build their games & publish them on the site.

CEO Mark Pincus said in a BlogPost that Zynga would continue its association with Facebook.

"We're proud to be a part of Facebook's ecosystem and we built Zynga.com to complement their pervasive social graph. Zynga.com will be one of the first sites completely integrated with Facebook which has become the world’s social dial-tone," Pincus said.

Europe's top entrepreneurs to attend Web Summit

01/03 (2018 hrs IST): Niklas Zennstrom, Europe’s top tech entrepreneur & investor has been added to the list of the London Web Summit to be held on March 19 this year. Zennstrom, the founder of Skype & Kazaa, now a prolific investor through his venture capital fund, Atomico, joins 10 other speakers announced today as well as Google’s Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora & Zynga’s Marcus Segal who will also speak at the Summit.

LWS will demo 20 Startups at the event with the winning Startup sharing a prize package of over £35,000 thanks to Orrick £15k Legal Services, KPMG £15k Advisory Services, HP £4k hardware.
For more details, click here 

FB re-designs Business Pages

01/03 (1324 hrs IST): Social Networking Site Facebook has launched its Timeline feature for Business Pages. It is also on the verge of introducing re-designed Business Pages.

The new Brand Pages will now allow followers to see a history of the company's products, updates, along with a history of posts. You can also pin a new post to the top of your Page each week, so people notice what’s important. You can also send private messages right from the top of your Page.

For additional information about the new features, click here

Online World gets first official glimpse of Windows 8

29/02 (2345 hrs IST): Microsoft today released the Beta of Windows 8 at the on-going 'Mobile World Congress 2012' in Barcelona. The new OS has new features including more Apps, the Windows Store, Internet Explorer 10 platform preview 5, the integration of SkyDrive Cloud services, among others in it. 
Going by what Microsoft said, there are over 100,000 changes since the release of the Developer Preview late last year. The Windows 8 Consumer Preview (CP) is available starting today at http://preview.windows.com.

This is the 1st Windows that will work across PCs, laptops & tablets. 
Check out the video