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Create Badges & Buttons very Chimply

By: Ask Bob, Oct 10, 2011
This Startup has been around for some time but continues to be in Beta. Started in late 2008, Chimply allows users to generate "loading" indicators & static images for Buttons & Badges for Sites. In case you are not aware, a "loading" indicators are used by Web developers to let their users know that the Page/Image/Application was being loaded & they need wait.

Those of you who wanna use this tool need to register  on Chimply 1st. That's Free. Also Free is all the work that you create using Chimply. Once you have registered, you need to login & go to your Account. Users can then select 1 of the several templates available on this Startup, customize it according to their Website's needs, & then click on the "Generate" button. Works simple, just select one of the templates, customize its size/background/color, and click on “Generate” Button. Once the image is ready, users can download them to their computers as GIF or SWF image. If you do not want to use the ready-to-use templates, you can use images stored on your PCs & download them from the Image Editor section.
There are 2 other features here: Workspace & Last Generated. You can save all your work in Workspace while the Last Generated section has the last 10 works by ALL the users of Chimply stored in it. 
Chimply is a product of Chimpler, run by  2 software engineers from France, currently staying in New York, USA.