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JUNE 2010 (News & Events)
New applications on Android 2.2 a talking point                                    June 30, 2010
Everybody (that is those of you out there who are smartphone lovers) in the Web World is talking of Google's official rollout of the Android 2.2 software for Google's Nexus One phones. Just that you should know, it is codenamed the Froyo project so please don't get confused. Launched on June 28, if you are an owner of Nexus One, very soon, maybe in the next few hours, your phone shall receive an intimation for 'over-the-air' installation, and you are set to go. You know this got us thinking. Till not so long ago, Google and Apple were names associated either with computer hardware or software; how times have changed.....Anyway, our webspiders have picked up chatter over the Web about some of the forthcoming 2.2 applications, so that's what's new on the internet today. Apparently, we are talking here of some 60-odd applications. While most of them are geared for 'Real World' use, we found some aimed solely at cyberspace. The Android 2.2 enables webdevelopers to test their application codes and weed out bugs and do their stuff over their phone itself.  So all you developers out there, coding just got mobile. Of course not to speak of the revolutionary 'kill' button that allows administrators to remotely wipe out any malicious application on all the Nexus One phones. Aah, technology. But we leave tech issues to techies, it is beyond this website's brief. So, if you wanna know more about the Android 2.2, you can catch up on all the details on the Android official blog
Facebook's India move                                                                              June 29, 2010
While the news of Facebook receiving fresh influx of funds from its traditional source, private equity firm Elevation Partners is being discussed on the Web, a small point hidden away in the fine print that many have missed is that Facebook will finally open its first full-fledged India office. It was in March this year that the Internet community had got whiff of the social site's India plans. But this time, the news is confirmed. Facebook will soon buy about 50,000 sq feet of office space and initially employ 500 people in India. Probably, this will be either in India's Silicon Valley Bangalore or the other Southern city of Hyderabad.
Serving you even while being asleep                                                      June 27, 2010

The 'Sleep' mode on your PC is a handy tool but there are some drawbacks to it as all of us know. One of them is that when your computer goes to sleep, your network connectively goes kaput. In the bargain, you may miss out on some crucial messages between 2 machines and so on. Now, a team of scientists led by the San Diego, California, USA-based research scientist of Indian origin Yuvraj Agarwal, has developed a software that allows your PC to remain online even while 'asleep.' A report by the news agency ANI is floating around in cyberspace reporting Agarwal's claim that this software called SleepServer will help slash power bills massively. One can expect a saving of about 50-60% on power bills. This is whats new on the net today. To prune the techie stuff in 'easy-to-understand' lingo, here is what we have understood of the entire process - SleepServer makes virtual images of sleeping PCs which then consume less power but continue to remain networked with real online PCs that are not in the 'Sleep' mode. So, even if you have left your office PC sleeping over the long week-end but have got SleepServer installed, no need to worry. It will continue to receive all your crucial messages across all your networks even though it is zzzzzzzzsnorezzzzz, that too, at just 40% of your normal power usage.
Here's more muscle to carbon credits, guys.
Flickr in new light                                                                                      June 24, 2010
Guess who's donned a new avataar guys? Yup, that's what's new on the Internet. It is Flickr. So, if you happen to be one of the 85 million users of this online photo-sharing service, well, this development on the Internet is for you. This photo management and sharing service from Yahoo! has been around since 2004 but has been overshadowed, many feel, by Facebook and YouTubeFlickr now has a re-designed Home page. The guys at Flickr say they are now going to upload even bigger photos, they call it embiggened (their word). So now, users can see even bigger and wider photographs on this service, always been the hallmark of Flickr. Other design changes will follow suit in the coming weeks but a preview of the upcoming features is available to registered users. Well, this is part of the overall change that Yahoo! is bringing about in recent times, we spoke of it before. So go ahead and click away, all you shutterbugs.
iOS4 is out                                                                                                                             June 22, 2010
Okay you guys, here's whats new on the Internet today. Hot off the press....Apple has released the upgraded version of its Operating System (OS) for the iPhone called iOS4 today. The attraction is for the first time, the OS allows multi-tasking. Which means iPhone users can now click on the Home button and carry on using many applications at the same time. Eg: Listen to music and type out a message on Facebook. Cool, right? Other features include enhanced video recording, an application that allows users to buy e-books from their handsets, and much more.
Chrome, Chromium, duh...Confusing eh?                                                      June 22, 2010
Well, are you surfing to find out what's new on the internet? Today, we have decided not to go with the results thrown up by our webspiders but to do a little Net service by educating some of our readers. Some of you have written to us in the past, wondering what the dunce difference is between Google Chroma and Chromium? See it is like this. Google's web browser program, if you didn't know it by now, is an open-ended one, and any one is free to contribute to it. This basic version is called the Google Chromium project. Ever so often, the guys at Google build on it and release versions with slightly altered logos. These versions are called Google Chrome (as in short for Chromium). Each of these versions, depending on the stage they are in, have a name extension. Chrome Dev is when it is still under construction (Dev is for Development), Chrome Beta (is when it reaches the Webtesting stage) and the versions finally selected after the customary tests are carried out is called Chrome Stable. So, there. We have done our good deed for the day by clearing some of the cobwebs in your head, right?
Messenger for iPhone                                                                                 June 22, 2010
Here's whats new on the Internet this hour, this day. Apple may have not yet announced its Operating System for the new iPhone and iPod Touch but the guys at Microsoft instead have released the Windows Live Messenger version for the iPhone. Like we know about Messenger, iPhone users can use it to get connected instantly with their friends across social sites like Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.  You can click here for a free download. We, though, await the new Apple OS, which will be launched in a matter of hours now.
The latest offering from WordPress                                                       June 20, 2010
Our webspiders brought this new development on the internet to our attention, so here it is. This Internet news in fact could come as a bit of good news to bloggers around the world. WordPress has released WordPress 3.0, the 13th major release of WordPress so far. The release announcement says the new design has several new features including a "sexy" new defaults theme called Twenty Ten. It took 6 months to design v.3.0 and 218 guys contributed to its design. So, for all your WP users, the download is ready; remember you learnt of it first on this website.
It is not all a-ok in the social networking domain                                      June 19, 2010

Some social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter may be having it good but not every one is. This new development on the Internet has had us wondering. Social networking site Bebo has changed hands from AOL (the former America Online) to a Los Angeles-based pvt-equity fund called Criterion Capital Partners. Apparently the story doing the rounds of the Web World is that Bebo, once flaunted as the "best thing" to have happened to AOL was not doing well at all. So, what's new on the internet today? This piece of sad news is. AOL had bought Bebo at $850 million US from some UK guys in 2008 and if market reports are to be believed, have hived it off to Criterion for about $10 millon US. Ouch! That must have really hurt the guys at AOL. Anyway, the new owners have said they have some definite plans for Bebo. Even a cursory glance at Bebo shows why it was not doing well. It comes across as a plain vanilla version of today's social networking sites.
You need to keep up with the competition, guys.
 The world's 3 most-popular online brands are....                                                      June 17, 2010
Hey, all of you out there, especially those of you who are part of one social network or the other. Guess what’s new on the Internet today? Well, it has now been (yet-again) established that the world’s first 3 most popular online brands are ….. hold your collective breaths…. Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia.
The results of a survey by the world-famous research agency Nielsen was put out on June 15. It clearly shows that the world today spends over 110 billion minutes on social networks and blog sites. Which means 1 min out of every 4.5 minutes is spent visiting these 3 social sites. Also, the number of people visiting these sites increased by 24% over last year, the survey showed, and not only that, the average visitor is now spending 66% more time on these sites than a year ago, almost 6 hours in April 2010 versus 3 hours, 31 minutes last year.
Just one note of caution, though. This "global" survey by Nielsen's own account, has taken into consideration only 10 nations. Missing are 2 huge markets - India and China.
Facebook is most popular in Italy first, followed by Australia, US and the  UK. Japan, on the other hand, seems to have given a thumbs down to Facebook. Instead, Ameba, which is a micro-blog like Twitter, is the first choice of the Japanese.

Twitter up but for how long                                                                                                June 16, 2010
Twitter gave a rough time to all its users on June 14, having gone down, but today (June 15 by Pacific Time), the microblogging site is up and running. Officially, Twitter says the downtime happened because of "failed enhancement of a new approach to timeline caching", whatever that means. Those who still can't get through today, please refresh your browsers. Hey, you guys at Twitter, it is no longer funny. Most of our readers have in the past, too, sent us major cribs of Twitter's constant errors including missing Tweets. In fact, when we clicked on http://status.twitter.com/page/1 , we were shocked to find that errors (all sorts) including downtime on Twitter go back as much as four months. We gave up backtracking after that.
All that we can say at this point is, Tsk tsk, Twitter. Get your act together.
                                                                                                                                                                                          - Publisher

When the screen goes blank                                                                                               June 14, 2010
Sorry guys, some of our reports this week may sound alarmists but the sad truth is that there are some nasty avataars in cyberspace up to some nasty things. So, if you were to ask us today, what's new on the Internet, we would say this - the White Screen of Death. Hey, hey, before you eyes widen in fear, wait! The WSD that we are referring to is not really a virus or anything malicious.  In fact, those of you who use WordPress may already be familiar with this phenomena. You download your WordPress based blog or website to upload content and ….nothing. Yes, just a BLANK screen stares back at you. Worse, even your web-based WordPress Administrator console is invisible. Oh, god, you think in a state of panic , all my hard work has gone down the drain. Well, not exactly. There is hope. Although no one yet knows what is causing the WSD, many presume it could be a technology issue. Anyways, the guys at WordPress have found a way around. For debugging issues, click on http://codex.wordpress.org/User:Sivel/FAQ
Watch out for the World Cup virus                                                                                  June 13, 2010
So, what's new on the Internet today? For one, please be careful of unknown e-mails in your In-box till the World Cup football ends. Especially, if you happen to be a Brazilian or an employee of a corporate house in that country. At least 2 well-known anti-virus companies have sounded the alarm on malacious e-mails flooding people's In-boxes. The e-mails are not stopping and could increase in the coming days. None other than the well-known company Symantec has warned on its official site that its MessageLabs Intelligence had identified 45 targeted malware e-mails that were intercepted en route to a number of Brazilian companies, including chemical, manufacturing, and finance firms. There are 2 attack modes - a PDF attachment and a malicious link. The e-mail, says Symantec, was spoofed from a sportswear manufacturer, using the manufacturer’s .com.br domain and was sent from a server hosting company in Brazil. What is fooling many Net users in Brazil is the fact that the manufacturer being spoofed is a co-sponsor of the FIFA World Cup. The UK-based anti-virus company Sophos has also warned of an e-mail promising Cup results to Net users, but instead carrying a worm. Called the VBS/Chick-F virus, it lands as an e-mail and then spreads through the Internet chat relay, passing on to every one listed in that user's address book. Well, this is not the first time such a thing is happening. We have seen such attacks in previous editions of the World Cup too.
So be careful.....and ensure your anti-virus program has not expired.  
Hotmail to get hotter?                                                                                                           June 11, 2010
Hey, guys, what's new on the Internet? We will tell you....this morning we got an e-mail in our 'In-Box' from the Microsoft guys, specifically from the Hotmail team. Signed by Dick Craddock, the man who has been directly involved with the Hotmail revamp process (official designation: Hotmail Partner Group Program Manager, Microsoft Corp.), the e-mail spoke of Hotmail adding new features in the coming days.
It was in mid-Maythis year that this website had reported on Hotmail going in for a re-invention. Finally, that day is here. Dick and his team claim that most of the changes incorporated are based on suggestions sent in by Hotmail users. In fact, some of the forthcoming changes had been spoken about by Dick in an earlier post on the official blog.
Here are some of the features that you can look forward to:
* Use of Microsoft Smartscreen technology to weed out spam mail. Hotmail will check 8 billion messages a day to protect your In-box from spam and viruses.
* Unlimited space to save photographs
* Free notification on your mobile of every e-mail landing in your In-Box
* Allow a user to link to any of the social networking sites without exiting Hotmail
* Free access to Microsoft Office Web applications from your Hotmail account
* View and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files right in your In-box.


These and many more features will now be standard in your new Hotmail, says the re-vamp team. Okay, bring it own.
2 billion Tweets and counting                                                                                              June 9, 2010
If Facebook and Yahoo! hogged all the headlines yesterday, today, it is Twitter's day. So, what's new on the Internet today? This is - Twitter has crossed the 2 billion a month Tweets mark. This was for May. The 1 bln mark was crossed in December last year, so virtually, Twitter has started doubling its Tweets per month, every six months! But that's not all. The boys at this microblogging site have now decided to use t.co, its URL shortner to cut all URLs to size (in Tweets, silly). This, said the Twitter blog, is to prevent malware and phishing attacks. In fact, it is the official roll out for t.co because for months now, they have been using tw.tl to shorten URLs. What all this basically means is that any links that you now send out in your Tweets will be closely examined for 'dirt' (we mean the programming kinds) before being passed on.
Now Yahoo! logs in into Facebook                                                                                     June 8, 2010
So, what’ new on the Internet today? Well, for one, there is a big announcement out of Sunnyvale, California, yup, you guessed it right, from the Yahoo! HQ. It has announced the integration of new products, basically meaning that very soon, Yahoo! , too, would have jumped on the social networking bandwagon. Cutting short of all the mumbo jumbo put out in the company press release, the development is like this – Yahoo! has decided to integrate Facebook with some of its applications . This is to happen from later this week. Meaning: Those who have a Yahoo Account can now link their account with Facebook (if they have one) and view/share updates with their contacts on both the networks. The company has issued a press release in the name of the by-now very familiar Cody Simms, Senior Director of Social Platforms and Yahoo! Developer Network, to say this: More and more, people rely on social sites to share and discover information that matters to them, making Yahoo! uniquely positioned to provide people with all of the mainstream methods of content discovery – social, search, communications, and editorial.

Clearly, this tie-up is a tacit confirmation of the power (ever-growing) of Facebook, hidden some where in Cody’s words – “ We think……it’s key to helping Yahoo! extend our reach and increase engagement.” So, Yahoo, too, has decided to use Facebook to increase its own hold on the Internet.

Besides the Facebook move, the other developments are: A Refresh of Yahoo! Profiles which was launched in 2008. It will now be called Yahoo!Pulse. The privacy settings on this one has now been made easy-to-use. Users will now have a Dashboard to manage their posts from external social accounts and applications that they have linked with Yahoo
Yahoo! has been taking rapid strides in the last few weeks to make itself more relevant in the Internet business. Towards the end of May, it had announced a tie-up with Nokia for its Ovi brand. There could be some more announcements from Yahoo! in the days to come, so keep reading this website.
 Facebook v/s Orkut: Wassup?                                                                                   June 4, 2010

So where do you guys think is the battle between Facebook and Orkut's headed? One would have thought that these two would have been in direct competition with each other but Facebook stole a march instead over Google in the US market recently. Talk of hitting the motherlode....Anyways, that is not the point of this report. We were just wondering why Orkut has been so low key these days? It would seem as if Facebook's being hogging all the limelight, what with all that news it has bene generating, right? Well, the thing is that both are still slugging it out still. The war is being fought on several fronts. One market is the US, the other is the emerging one of India. Late last year, there were several reports that warned Orkut of losing market share to Facebook in India. Then came a report in April this year by a leading Internet research agency comScore that said Orkut was still miles ahead of Facebook in India with about 48% share. Facebook, it said, had beaten Orkut in Singapore, Philippines and Australia, along with some other nations. But Orkut does not seem perturbed with all that noise around Facebook. What's cooking at Orkut, one wonders. Or is it the proverbial lull before a storm?
Windows, watch out! Chrome to hit by year-end                                 June 2, 2010
Reports are coming in that Google is likely to launch its much-awaited Chrome Operating System(OS) in the 4th quarter of this year. Which means by year-end, we will get to see the first version. This news will obviously be discussed in the boardroom of Mircosoft as OS Windows could be the first (and only) challenge before Chrome. Chrome OS will be an open-source system, so some experts in the industry believe that a "free" Chrome could pose a threat to a "paid-up" Windows. The latter, as per an estimate, has captured 90% of the world PC market. The new Chrome system will centre around its Net browser Chromelaunched in early 2009. All its applications will nestle in the Cloud. Experts say Chrome will be a relatively easy-to-operate, state-of-the-art OS and quiet "light" to use. Google's men are optimistic that on Day-1 of the launch itself, they will have a million users of Chrome. If you wanna to catch up on this OS war, click here
As they say, let's wait and watch.
 Look what they named their websites!                                                            June1, 2010
Ha, ha, hee, hee, howwwwll. Well, that's what this book is all about - howlers! Called Slurls: They called their Website What? this book released last week is all about wrongly typed in or wrongly spelled URLs. All of us know that a space here or a space there can simply change the meaning of the word (read URL) and download an entirely different website. Eg: Gogle or factbook or msm. This book by Andy Goldman is all about that and more. It has a list of 150 such Slurls or slur URLs. Those interested in finding out more can log on to the website called www.slurls.com There is even a section for 'Slurl of the Day'.
Pretty interesting and exceedingly funny.