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What is Infolinks?
The links that our Readers see in the copy/text part/lines are part of a 'Pay Per Click' Advertising program called Infolinks. Infolinks is an In Text advertising service: they take our text and create links within it. We have done this in order to generate revenue for this website through Advertising.
If you hover your mouse over the links that are double underlined & colored differently from the blue hyperlinks, you will see a small dialog box/Blurb open, containing an Advertisement related to the text marked.
You can then choose to:
Either move the mouse away and get on with your browsing
Click on the box and go to the Ad to know more about the product/service, etc.
But if you find the links annoying, you can even turn Infolinks OFF.
Find out HOW by clicking on the link below: 
Readers should also take note that the Publisher of this website has no direct control over Interlinks or any of the Advertisements they release, nor is the Publisher directly responsible for any Advertisement or any of the services/products/etc, being offered by the individual Advertising company/client through Infolink. Readers are thus strongly advised to personally cross-check the same themselves. If they enter into any kind of arrangement with the Advertiser, it shall be at their own risk. The Publisher will not be legally or morally responsible for the same.
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